Dabuz fans roast Hungrybox for Gods of Ultimate tier list

Source: The Big House

"I wasn't sober when I wrote this." 


Despite Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma's slight backpedaling, the Melee God has ultimately stuck by his list of the "Gods of Ultimate" for once LAN events return. According to Hungrybox, they will "win/dominate" top eight of every in-person event they enter. 





Hungrybox's list of the best Ultimate players includes: 


Edgar "Sparg0" Valdez


Sparg0 is known as the best Cloud player in all of Mexico. But he's also one of the best Clouds in the world, winning in matches against VoiD, Sinji, Elegant, and LeoN. He was beating pros as young as 13. He is currently ranked number one on both the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v6 and the Tijuana Power Rankings. In the SoCal Ultiamte Power Rankings, Sparg0 sat at number two for quite some time. 



Leonardo "MKLeo" Perez


No surprise to see MKLeo on a list like this. He's known as one of the all-time best Ultimate players in the world. When Joker was released, MKLeo became a monster with the Persona fighter. While one of the top Ultimate talents, MKLeo is known to perform worse online. He's currently sixth on the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v6. It will be a different story when offline events return. 



Jake "JakeTheJew"


Jake, formerly known as JakeTheJew and now known as JTJ, is known as a Wi-Fi Warrior. The Florida native has used Steve (and sometimes Mario or Bowser) to win online matches against respectable competitors like Maister, BestNess, LeoN, Sonix, and Sinji. 



Gavin "Tweek" Dempsey


Even though Tweek is known as a Diddy Kong player, he's one of the most versatile pros out there. The New Jersey native is often considered the best Pokemon Trainer and Wolf player in the world. He's also one of the best Wario players. But Tweek will also bust out Joker, Ridley, Young Link, and Banjo & Kazooie. Tweek is currently 9th on the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v6 and he's number one in New Jersey. But once offline events return, he'll be more than ready to take on any player from anywhere. 



Tyler "Marss" Martin


Whether it's singles or doubles, expect to see Marss at the top of competition. Marss is known for his Zero Suit Samus dominance, but he also plays Mega Man, Captain Falcon, Ike, and Snake. He's a beast throughout New England. But Marss will be back to taking on competitors from all over the world soon. 


Smash community responds to Hungrybox tweet


To the surprise of literally not a single soul, the Smash community had a lot to say in response to Hungrybox's predictions. It was immediately noted that online results don't show a true reflection of a player's talent, especially offline. 


Right away, people questioned Sparg0 and Jake's inclusion in the list. The two players have yet to prove themselves outside of the Wi-Fi era, which has made the Smash community skeptical. Some even stated they didn't know who the hell they were. In response, Hungrybox said that Jake was "Satan in the form of Steve." 


A lot of people noted that Samuel "Dabuz" Buzby and Nairoby "Nairo" Quezada were missing from the list. While talented, there's a chance Nairo won't be competing in most offline tournaments since he's banned from Twitch.


Dabuz is known to use innovative and unique characters like Rosalina & Luma. He jokingly told Hungrybox he was making excuses when Hungrybox claimed he wasn't sober when he made the list sans Dabuz. 


"I'm probably one of the few people not nervous about offline events when it's a thing I practice for hours daily (even if it's largely through giving lessons). Have had very small offline sessions with good players and I play better than ever. I have my main three characters and have pockets," Dabuz explained. 


Still, Dabuz noted that he's not bothered by Hungrybox's list. Dabuz stated that there's no point caring until they can prove themselves offline. Meanwhile, Dabuz admitted he doesn't take online events too seriously since he's lost to lag spikes and delays. Just "be confident" in yourself, Dabuz concluded. 


But perhaps the most controversial part of Hungrybox's prediction was that only two overseas players were included in his list. 


"Hungrybox, just because Jake and Sparg0 have been winning WiFi Tournaments, doesn't mean they're gonna outplace fucking Zackray, Glutonny, TeaPacMan, Abadango, ProtoBanham who we haven't fought in over a year. C'mon now, only TWO overseas players? Japan got majors before we did," one fan responded. 


They also noted that Japanese players often use characters that North American competitors aren't used to. This is especially true in an offline setting. 


The Smash World Tour is hoping to have in-person tournaments during later stages of the tournament. This will be a good chance for Dabuz, Jake, Sparg0, and more to prove themselves in a LAN setting. 

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