Shocked that Mythra & Pyra are the most popular Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters in Japan? Because I'm not

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The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community was pretty surprised by some of the results of a big poll in Japan that asked Smash fans who their favorite fighters on the roster are. 


There are currently 80 playable fighters on Ultimate's massive roster and there are more to come. The current Fighter Pass has two DLC slots left (or maybe more). The fighters are from a variety of franchises and games, including Fire Emblem, Mario (duh), Pokemon, and Minecraft.


With such a large roster full of varied fighters, it can often be hard to narrow down favorites. But a poll done in Japan attempted to have players do just that — and the results are interesting. 


The Netorabo Survey Team received 20,000 entries, revealing a pretty accurate representation of which fighters are most popular in Sakurai's home country. Here are the most popular fighters in Japan. 


Mythra & Pyra


Okay, who is surprised here? Nobody? Whether the tag-team Xenoblade fighters received 1,318 votes based on their newness to the game or because of their large boobies, the Smash community is most definitely not shocked to see Mythra and Pyra at the top of the poll results. 


Mythra and Pyra are the most recent DLC fighters to be added to the roster. They introduced an interesting new mechanic to Smash Ultimate, with both fighters able to instantly switch by pressing a simple button. Mythra is considered the stronger of the two thanks to her quick attacks and movement. 


But Pyra is currently the fan-favorite since her chest wasn't nerfed as hard as Mythra's when the two sexy swords were transferred over from Xenoblade Chronicles. Yep. 





With 982 votes, Ganondorf easily took second place. This is definitely a bigger shock to the Smash community. The Zelda antagonist is considered F tier in most trusted lists and has no visible cleavage. 


Ganondorf is low tier based on his very slow attacks and how easy he is to punish, especially when he's off the stage. His recovery is not considered very good at all. Ganondorf is considered combo food in most matchups. 


But Japanese players are known to take low tier fighters and attempt to revive them in the competitive scene. Takuma "Tea" Hirooka has taken Pac-Man (not considered low tier right now, but definitely a surprising fighter to see) to the finals, even beating top names like Marss, VoiD, ESAM, and Samsora. 


The popularity of Ganon has also fueled continued rumors that Zelda might be getting another representative, possibly even to be revealed this summer at E3. 





And we're back to not being shocked. Persona's Joker received 963 votes, putting him not too far behind Ganondorf. This DLC fighter has remained very popular in Smash everywhere, including Japan. And Persona is one of the most popular series in Japan, becoming somewhat of a pop culture phenomenon.


More DLC make the cut (and some don't)


Japanese players seem to be enamored with the other DLC fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as well. The top ten in the poll also include Byleth, Hero, Terry, and Sephiroth. These are fighters that got a lukewarm welcome from players in North America. In fact, the Smash community in America has continuously begged for Byleth to be removed from the game altogether. 


That's not the case in Japan, where the Fire Emblem representative received endless love from the Smash community. 



On the other hand, Japanese Smash players didn't seem to give a crap about Steve and Banjo & Kazooie. These were interesting additions in America, where these games are more commonly played. While a lot of players in the US dislike Banjo's playstyle, there's no denying how strong the nostalgia factor has been. In Japan, not so much. 


But the least popular DLC was Min Min, an ARMS representative that nobody anywhere on the planet cares about. The first strike? Nobody cares about ARMS. At all. STOP TRYING TO MAKE ARMS HAPPEN, NINTENDO. And the second strike? Min Min sort of sucks. She's considered middle-of-the-road in most tier lists but everyone hates playing against her. It's just plain annoying. 


The losers



So there are fighters below Min Min. Here are the fighters that Japanese players like the least: 


  • Dr. Mario: 55 votes
  • Peach: 52 votes
  • Olimar: 49 votes
  • Daisy: 48 votes
  • Mii Swordfighter: 43 votes
  • Diddy Kong: 28 votes


Diddy Kong is currently floating around B tier but players just hate him. He's received hate since the start of Ultimate and no amount of changes have made anyone like him. Maybe it's because he doesn't wear pants and still has the audacity to jump right onto your face and clamp his legs around your skull. I don't know. 

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