[MSI] DK Ghost: "I thought RNG looked better overall...watching PSG Talon beat them made me think that they’re a very good team."

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On day 3 of the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational, DWG KIA managed to take victories against both of their opponents, MAD Lions and Cloud9. With a 5-1 record, they are now in 1st place of the Rumble stage alongside Royal Never Give Up.


After the matches came to their conclusion, the bot laner for DWG KIA, Jang “Ghost” Yong-jun joined Inven for an interview. He shared that while he’s satisfied by the fact that he was able to get more early leads in the day, he felt that there were key in-game mistakes that he and the rest of his team needs to work on as they head into day 4 of the Rumble stage.

How does it feel to end day 3 with another two victories?


After getting those two wins, we have a good record right now. Unlike other days, we had advantages early on, and snowballed our early leads, so I’m pretty satisfied.


What was the feedback that the team you received for the team to get those early leads?


There were games where we made mistakes during the laning phase. Even in the games where we didn’t, there were moments of miscommunication that led us to a disadvantageous state. We talked about how we should focus in lane, and communicate better, and I think we improved on it.


In the game against Cloud9, despite DWG KIA having an early lead, the enemy fought back hard in the mid-game.


We basically had the game in the bag, but BeryL and I continued to get caught out, which prolonged the game. That’s why the game went on until Elder dragon. However, because Viktor got really fed, I knew we were going to win.


One of those moments was after you took down the tier 1 turret. Can you tell us more about what happened?


We zoned out the enemy, and were going to rotate to the dragon pit. We failed to check that there was a ward, and I got greedy in trying to stop their recall with my W. If I didn’t get caught out there, I think the game would’ve ended 10 minutes earlier.


Tell us about BeryL buying Zhonya’s Hourglass on Nautilus.


Nautilus may look sturdy, but he’s pretty squishy, so even if he built some other item, he would’ve died easily anyways, so he bought Zhonya’s for the insurance.


To be blunt, there’s a lot of criticism about BeryL getting caught out early. What are the team’s thoughts on this?


It’s a mix of miscommunication and individual mistakes. Because we couldn’t get leads during the laning phase, I think he got hasty.


Tristana and Kai’Sa seem to be the go-to marksman match-ups at MSI.


I think the match-up is winnable on both ends. With more time, I think we’ll also see more variety.


Helper, who’s not only your former teammate, but is now the head coach for PSG Talon, beat RNG today. What did you think about their match?


After playing scrims against the teams here at MSI, I thought that RNG, PSG Talon, and MAD Lions were the best of the bunch, so I wasn’t surprised. I thought RNG looked better overall, but the game could’ve gone either way. Even still, watching PSG Talon beat them made me think that they’re a very good team.


Your next match is against MAD Lions. Please share your resolution to the fans.


I’ll make sure to also get leads early on to snowball that lead, and to just play clean overall. Despite us looking shaky, I want to thank all the fans for the support. We’re all really trying our best, and will try even harder to go further up in the tournament. Please continue to support us.

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