[Mixtape Monday] Pokémon


Welcome to Mixtape Monday! We’re again sharing some of the best video game themed music around.


Last week was the release of the Pokémon game New Pokémon Snap. With fully-developed fan games and entire fan albums, the Pokemon community has released a vast array of music. Here are eight highlights.



Starting off we have Raushna’s remake of Sword & Shield’s Battle Theme. There’s a lot of interesting ideas in this song, namely the wild and energizing orchestra heard throughout the track. Despite just having a simple one chord progression, Raushna balances this by incorporating tons of new concepts into the main melody. It never gets dull and is fun throughout. 



Next, we have Sacred Beasts by Mikel & GameChops. This was part of the wonderful project Poké & Chill that introduced lofi elements to the original game’s sound—an album I would recommend anyone to listen to. Sacred Beasts is definitely the project standout, however.


Many times “chill” versions of songs can come off as too boring. That is not the case at all here. The upbeat tone, unique drums, and use of guqin throughout make it worth your listen. 



In line with the previous song, GlitchxCity’s Route 225 Lofi remix is equally great. GlitchxCity is one of the most famous Pokémon remixers around — mostly known for his exciting remixes of Legendary themes. This time he brings a lovely song filled with melancholy.


Compared to the electric sound of the original song, GlitchxCity is successfully able to provide a relaxed and nostalgic feeling. It brings you back to original memories of the games, and is an engaging listen throughout.  



We’re turning it up to fifteen thousand with this Giratina remix by Ludwig van Larx. Giratina’s music in the original game is some of the most unique and chaotic music in the franchise, and this song capitalizes on that idea perfectly.


One moment you’re hit with heavily distorted samples and fast-paced drums, then immediately experiencing an organ and choir. It’s intimidating, it’s experimental, and more than anything beautiful. 



Ludwig van Larx has another wonderful and underappreciated song in his Battle theme with thelegendary25. The use of flutes and trumpets creates a perfectly triumphant feel. The slow pacing works for it to make it feel like a song of monumental proportions. 



Next, we have a song by Lala19357. This song actually was part of the unreleased fan-made game Pokémon Ambient. It’s bouncy, energetic, and a whole lot of fun. It still captures the same feeling of the franchise’s battle music while somehow having a completely different sound. It’s very hard to pull off electronic music combined with orchestral music. Somehow, it’s done here.



Finishing up this week we have another excellent Battle theme by LuigiDialga. The drums progressively get more awesome as the track continues. The song has a unique atmosphere — one part dark and mysterious, the other part elegant. 

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