SKT Faker on the "I got him" video: "I don't think it's that big of a deal."


In March 22nd, SK Telecom T1 defeated Longzhu Gaming, continuing their domination of the Spring Split and being just one match win away from winning the regular season.

Sanghyuk "Faker" Lee made aggressive yet calculated plays throughout the match, contributing greatly to the team's victory.

Here is our post-match interview with Sanghyuk "Faker" Lee.

It wasn't all easy, but you've still triumphed in the end. How do you feel right now?

It was harder to win today's match than I expected, so I'll need to train harder for the next match. However, I'm still relieved that we've won.

You are only one match win away from winning the regular season. Are you excited?

It's not something that we achieve often, and I'm relieved that we are likely to be in the best spot for playoffs. However, I will still do my best to get that one last win and will continue to do so in order to win the playoffs as well.

SKT were usually not this strong during spring seasons. Why do you this season has been an exception?

I think it's because Wangho "Peanut" Han can play well in spring seasons. It might have something to do with how he used to be with ROX Tigers.

Why do you think you have won the match? What do you think you've done better than Longzhu?

Overall, it came down to small mistakes - especially as we both were teams that liked to play games conservatively.

We are starting to see more Lucians nowadays. Could this be a shift in the botlane metagame?

It's not that Lucian is much better than other AD carries. However, we've been seeing less utility-based AD carries, so it's no surprise that Lucian would also make its comeback. I think we'll see even more variety of AD carries in future.

We've seen the midlane matchup between Orianna and Vladimir quite often recently. Can you tell us what you think about this matchup?

Orianna is slightly stronger than Vladimir in 1-on-1 skirmishes against each other. However, Vladimir feels like it's geared more towards teamfights or 2-on-2 skirmishes. As for me, I've been leaning towards Orianna recently because I feel that it's overall a more balanced champion.

What about assassin champions? Can we expect to see them more later?

They are still viable, but people are beginning to figure out how to play against them. I don't think they will be that popular any more.

Which team do you expect to face in the finals?

I used to think that KT Rolster will make it to the finals, but I'm really not sure after the recent matches.

It looks like the "I got him" video has reached the status of being a meme in Korea. Is there something that you'd like to share about it?

I don't think it's that big of a deal.

▲ "I got him." (Source: 'dcuu hdbba' from Youtube)

Thank you for your time. Is there anything else that you'd like to say?

I'll try to win faster next time.

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