Cleo confirms she has filed a police report against Sinatraa

Source: Robert Paul/Blizzard Entertainment

Update 4/20/2021 9:00 AM PT

Sinatraa's Girlfriend Emmyuh released a response to Hernandez's comments about her early on Tuesday morning. She provided a number of screenshots and statements presenting her side of this situation and concluded her statement saying, "I am still dating Jay. I have heard his side and I have never felt unsafe throughout my relationship with Jay. Jay has always put my comfort above anything, always. I hope that you guys will hear him out when he addresses it all publicly."

Original Article:

Over a month after publishing accusations of sexual abuse against Jay "Sinatraa" Won, Cleo "cle0h" Hernandez released a brief update on Monday evening. In the update, Hernandez confirmed that she has filed a police report and has an ongoing case against Sinatraa. She also supplied some new information and clarifications for critics of her original post.



"And for the matter of police: I did file a report," Herlandez explained. "I do have a case. It's open and ongoing. That’s all I’ll say on that."


Hernandez also offered some clarification and further context for her allegations against Sinatraa. Among other things, she discussed why the video recording was cut off quickly, why she stayed quiet for so long, and she offered a couple more screenshots of conversations with Sinatraa that she claimed showed how he would emotionally manipulate her.


Hernandez first published accusations against Sinatraa in March, after which the player was suspended pending the results of an investigation by both Sentinels and Riot Games. Sinatraa denied the allegations, saying in a Twitlonger, "I apologize to Cleo and regret how things ended, but I never assaulted her in any way. I am fully cooperating with the investigations and providing the full audio and video clips Cleo referenced in her post."


We have not yet seen results from Riot or the Sentinels investigations. Hernandez said she also has no update on "the Riot situation" and isn't sure when we can expect one.

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