Sykov pistol nerfed in latest Warzone patch

Source: Activision

Update 4/19/2021:

Raven Software corrected their original notes to clarify that the 25% damage reduction only applies when the 140mm Auto Barrel and the Akimbo Perk are combined, not when the Auto barrel and the 80 Round Drum Magazine are paired. 


Original article:

The Sykov pistol, which was released last week to Warzone, received a number of nerfs in Monday's patch designed to curb the power of the extended-magazine automatic Akimbo set up for the pistol. While the changes will reduce the effectiveness of this loadout slightly, the changes are unlikely to unseat the Sykov Akimbo pistols from the top of the Warzone pistol meta.



The Sykov pistol nerf in Warzone 

The best setup for the Sykov uses three specific attachments: the 140mm Auto barrel, the Akimbo perk, and the 80 Round Drum magazine. When these attachments are equipped, this gun becomes an instant deletion machine at close range, with 160 bullets to burn through in two pistols before you have to reload. Activision decided that this setup was too good, and introduced nerfs to each of these attachments.


Here are the new updates to the Sykov pistol in Warzone:


  • Sorokin 140 mm Auto attachment had its hipfire spread increased
  • Akimbo perk will now reduce player movement speed by 5%
  • 80 Round Drum Magazine will reduce movement speed by 5% and ADS movement speed by 7%
  • When both Sorokin 140 mm Auto barrel and 80 Round Drum Magazine are equipped, weapon damage is reduced by 25%


When these changes are put together, the ideal Akimbo set up for the Sykov functionally saw a 10% decrease in player movement speed, which is significant but not the end of the world. The hipfire spread was increased, a change that should reduce the effective range of the Sykov Akimbo setup a bit. The biggest hit to the Sykov attachment setup is the last change that reduces the damage of the Sykov's damage by 25% 


Even with the nerf to its damage, running this gun with the Auto barrel and 80 Round Drum Magazine is still probably going to be the meta. While Monday's changes will make that Sykov loadout more balanced, they are not enough to curb the raw deadly power of the Sykov's automatic, akimbo mode. Right now, the Sykov reigns supreme in Warzone, and Activision will probably have to introduce some even bigger nerfs if they want that to change as we head into Warzone Season 3.

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