[Guide] Best akimbo loadout for the Sykov pistol is Warzone

Source: Activision

The Sykov pistol officially dropped in Warzone on Thursday. The new pistol looks like it has some serious potential with the right akimbo load out. It may even take the top of the pistol meta if early indications are anything to judge by.


Overview to the Sykov pistol

Without the right loadout, this pistol is just another semi-automatic handgun. Its not bad, but its not special. What makes the Sykov stand out from the pack is its full-auto version. When you equip the Sorokin 140 mm Automatic barrel, this gun turns into a fully-automatic pistol with a fire rate just under 900RPM. Akimbo that, and you have two fully-automatic pistols firing at just under 900RPM.


Best Loadout for Sykov pistol

While it is still very early in the lifecycle of this pistol, there are already some clear winners in regards to gun attachments. These are the best attachments to use for the Sykov pistol.


  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • Sorokin 140 mm Automatic
  • 80 Rnd Drum mag  
  • Akimbo perk 
  • 5mW Laser

Obviously, the most important thing about this build is that you equip the barrel option that makes the pistol fully-automatic and the akimbo perk that lets you carry two of them. With these two attachments alone, this gun is already transformed into a very deadly short-range setup.


This build also minimizes recoil and spread by introducing the suppressor and laser. Whenever you are running with an akimbo setup, it is a good idea to equip the suppressor and the laser because it will add to the effective range of the pistols by reducing the hip-fire spread and overall recoil.


The final element of this loadout is the beefy 80 rnd drum mag. When this is added to the Sykov setup, it gives us 160 rounds of pure chaos to burn through before we have to reload. Sure the reload time is significantly longer, but who cares when it gives you over 150 rounds to play with for every gunfight.


With this loadout equipped, the Sykov pistol feels amazing to use. It's only just released and the Sykov pistol is already a very deadly contender in Warzone Season 2.



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