[Opinion] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's next DLC should be a Mario rep

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The Smash community has almost unanimously decided that none of the future DLC fighters should be Nintendo characters. And I say almost unanimous because I don't agree at all: I want a Mario rep.  


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans have been pretty content with the recent DLC fighter pass. It had a good variety of fighters, including Banjo & Kazooie for gamers craving nostalgia and Sephiroth for swordies that wanted even more swords that were even longer. The DLC fighters have been very diverse when it comes to playstyle and franchise, surprising the community each and every time. 


But the Smash community is never fully satisfied. Ever. And no amount of work Sakurai does is enough. Basically a day after Pyra & Mythra were announced (introducing tag-team fighting to Smash), fans started to wonder who the last two DLC fighters would be, concocting wild new patterns and theories


Will it be Crash Bandicoot? Eggman? Master Chief? Sora? Honestly, any of these would be awesome (except Crash, boo) and I'm fine with any of these characters joining Smash. But I'm not going to lie. What I want most of all is another Nintendo representative and no more third-party characters. 


There are more Mario reps in Smash than any other franchise. I'm not denying that. Mario's playable characters include Mario (obviously), Dr. Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Rosalina and Luma, Bowser Jr., Daisy, Piranha Plant, Wario, and Yoshi.


Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and King K. Rool are also basically Mario characters, even though they have their own worlds and games, same with Kirby I guess, and maybe even Pokemon. Basically, the list expands even more if the Smash community argues that they don't want more fighters from Nintendo franchises in general. This is also a common argument, with the majority of Smash players rooting for third-party characters like Crash Bandicoot and Sora. 


But not me. 


I want more Mario reps. And I want them straight from the Mario universe itself. Why? Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a Nintendo game. Mario is the mascot (although I count Kirby since he's the only character who could even survive properly). Why not bring it back to basics and go for some classic characters? What's the harm in that? 


Enough anime swordies and retro characters nobody actually cares about until it's time to argue about Smash DLC. It's time for some Mario reps to join the fight. 


Nintendo characters that should be in Smash

Captain Toad

Source: Nintendo


Toad has been Peach's loyal subject since 1985. For 30 years he was basically portrayed as some annoying jerkwad who told you Peach was in another castle. He was often depicted cowering in the shadows, shaking in fear over super silly things, like cardboard Bowsers and Goombas. His only redeeming moment was in 1994's Wario's Woods, where Toad defeats Wario. 


But then Toad was given his own game in 2014. Captain Toad had Toad as a hero. He no longer awaited saving. And this — once again — showed Toad's true potential. 


The main argument against Captain Toad whenever I bring this up (and I bring it up a lot, trust me) is that Captain Toad can't jump. Okay, did Piranha Plant always have feet? Smash has taken a lot of liberties with other characters to make them viable, so why not Toad? But let's just say we didn't give Captain Toad the ability to jump — the joke's on you because you have made him even more powerful than ever before. 


 In Wario's Woods Toad was able to run up walls. Greninja can stick to walls and that's nice. But Toad can literally walk up and down walls. Captain Toad can simply tie a rope to his pick-ax, throw it at the side of the stage, swing over, and then climb up the rest of the way. Or maybe Captain Toad can use a cat or helicopter suit, like the ones he wears in 3D World or New Super Mario Bros. Captain Toad can take one of those out of his backpack, equip it, and gain some serious air. 


Captain Toad is basically unstoppable and you can't tell me otherwise. 


Other people might point to Captain Toad being weak. He doesn't appear as strong as, say, Donkey Kong or Kirby. How would he stack up against Captain Falcon's muscular leg or MewTwo's psychic powers? Honestly, very easily. You must not know the true extent of Toad's strength. 


Remember how Toad beat Wario in Wario's Woods? Guess how he did it. It was by simply tossing other characters aside. You might be thinking, "Is that a fluke? Is that just a random depiction of Toad we can easily throw away to end this insufferable argument?" But you're wrong. Super Mario Bros. 2 described Toad as the "strongest and fastest character." 


And even if you don't want to believe Captain Toad is an all-powerful force because you're in complete denial, he can counter attacks. Peach uses Toad in Super Smash Bros. to emit toxic gas that not only saves her from incoming attacks but damages enemies. So apparently that's something Toad can do because he's literally just a god. 


At this point you are probably willing to give in and accept that Captain Toad is not only a great choice for a DLC fighter but also just the most powerful character to ever be designed. But I'm not done. Toad is not only the strongest character ever but the fastest, making him an S-tier fighter that haters will consistently demand to be nerfed. But you can't nerf Captain Toad. 


In Mario Kart, Toad is described as a "speed demon." In Mario Party 7, Toad's special item is a golden mushroom that lets him move more spaces than everyone else. And in 3D Mario World, Toad's advantage is that he's the quickest character. Toad's special skill in most Mario games is that he's fast. Incredibly fast. 


So are you truly willing to deny Captain Toad a spot in Smash just so you can live out your Sora and Crash Bandicoot fantasies? Are you truly going to argue that Captain Toad hasn't earned himself a spot on the roster after all these years of being absolutely the fastest, strongest, and most talented of all Mario characters? Why does Wario get to fart his way into Smash but Captain Toad is constantly denied? 


King Boo

Source: Nintendo

You might as well hear the truth. I made this article with the sole purpose of arguing that Captain Toad must be in Smash. But alright, I'll keep going. Because I think King Boo is a great choice as well. And no, not just because I find Boo and his laugh adorable. 


King Boo has a long history in Mario's universe. He was a big part of Super Mario 64, the bad guy that locked away Luigi. He's a titular villain in Luigi's Mansion, torturing Luigi once again. King Boo is also in Mario Kart, Mario Baseball, and Mario & Sonic in the Olympic Games — despite having short arms and no legs. The inspirational character was also in Mario Party. 


King Boo was in even more games and series, but you get the picture by now: King Boo has paid his dues and it's time for him to utilize all of these skills in Smash. King Boo would have great counters and dodges. He has also had fire breath, the ability to trap people in paintings, duplication, size-shifting, telekinesis, and control over other Boos. Oh, he's also immortal. 



Source: Nintendo


Birdo (aka Catherine) is an interesting Nintendo character who is in need of redemption. Birdo was first depicted as a villain. Later, they became an ally and played alongside Mario heroes in Mario Kart and Mario Party. 


Birdo was also referenced as a character "who thinks he is a girl" in Super Mario Bros. 2 (where they were called Birdetta). For a while, the Nintendo fandom speculated that they was transgender. But later on, all references to this were removed and Birdo was depicted as a female (and Yoshi's girl). Since then, it's been unclear if Birdo is transgender, non-binary, or was cis all along. 


It seems like Nintendo just doesn't know what to do with this interesting character, despite their fun design, sassy personality, and interesting abilities. They never reached the level of popularity that other Mario characters have despite appearing in a variety of party games like Mario & Sonic and even being sold as a plushie. 


Birdo has definitely proven themselves iconic. Now it's time for them to get the attention they deserve. Well, only if Captain Toad also does. But fine. 


Bandana Waddle Dee

Source: TylerRunItBack

Waddle Dee has basically been in every Kirby game and he's almost as powerful and almost as adorable. Waddle Dee has taken on many identities, including Snowball Waddle Dee, Cyborg Waddle Dee, Missile Waddle Dee, and Parasol Waddle Dee. Basically, Waddle Dee is completely adorable and Kirby needs another rep so let's get this good boy in the game.


The community has spoken. Just do it already. Don't be afraid. 




Just kidding. This useless and obnoxious idiot can $@*^ off. 

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