Did Walmart randomly leak the next Super Smash Bros. DLC?


Okay so is Walmart's social media person trolling Super Smash Bros. fans? Or are they clueless about what they even posted? Or is this a legitimate teaser at the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC  fighter? 


Find out all of this and more next time on "leaked Smash Bros. DLC rumors." Next episode? Right now. 


Pyra and Mythra were the last Smash fighter to be released from Fighters Pass Vol. 2. But there are still two slots remaining. Some of the big contenders for this honor are Crash Bandicoot, another Japanese RPG character, Rayman, Sora, and basically anyone with a sword. Xbox fans have also been throwing around Master Chief for a while — and now it seems this could be a pretty big possibility. 


Super Smash Bros. fans have been confused for the past few days over Walmart's cryptic (and possibly even meaningless) tweet. After Halo's official Twitter put up a post acknowledging and celebrating Master Chief's birthday, Walmart replied by sending Master Chief a card. But not just any card. 




"We actually got John a little something to celebrate," Walmart Canada Gaming's social media person tweeted. "Just need an address..." 


The attached photo showed the highly recognizable and now iconic Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC invitation. It's basically used in every Nintendo Direct when a DLC fighter is announced as a way to tell everyone that the character has been invited to fight in Smash. 


So now three possibilities remain: 


Number one: Walmart accidentally leaked the next Smash DLC. Retailers often have access to embargoed information. But would they have it this early? And why would that highly secretive information be given to Walmart Canada's Twitter manager? And if they did know, why would they leak something so sensitive? It's possible they wanted to quit and didn't give a crap about doing something so insane, but it seems unlikely. 


 Number two: Walmart is trolling the Smash community for clout. Random chains like Wendy's have realized that trolling and memeing are the only viable ways to reach millennials and zoomers, who otherwise would find these social media accounts "cringe." This has forced many companies to become quite creative with their online marketing. Walmart even has a strange Facebook trend where a random employee holds up "succulent corn." And it's strangely worked very well. Are millennials okay? 


Number three: Walmart's social media manager is a boomer. The third possibility is that whoever is running Walmart Canada's social media account is completely clueless about what this invitation actually is. Maybe they looked up "video game card" or something on Google to try and relate to "fellow kids" online. This is definitely possible, but since the social media person also knew some Halo information I assume they are aware of the Smash invitation. 


For now, it remains unclear if Master Chief is the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC. It's definitely a possibility — and it's one that fans have been throwing around for years. But it's unlikely that this Walmart tweet is actually an indicator of Smash's future DLC. 


I'm personally rooting against this tweet meaning anything because I only want one Smash DLC and that's Captain Toad. 

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