From T1 uniforms to Faker figurines: A visit to the T1 HQ shop

On Mar. 20th, Inven was able to attend T1’s ‘T1 HQ SHOP Pre-launch’ event.


Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the official opening of the T1 HQ has been delayed indefinitely. The shop was open from 12 pm to 6 pm (local standard time) and was an invitation-only event for pre-selected fans, where they had a chance to look around and purchase some of T1’s merchandise.


T1 received applications from those with Youtube Gold memberships, and in accordance with the local government COVID-19 protocols, 10 people were allowed in at a time per hour, with a total of 60 people visiting the shop at T1 HQ. Those in attendance received 20% off in all their purchases and were able to partake in various events held at the shop.


The shop was full of various merchandise, ranging from T-shirts and hoodies to the actual uniforms worn by the players. Those who purchased uniforms and hoodies were able to get their favorite players’ names printed, or even their own, on the purchased merchandise.

Those who purchased these two items were able to get any name they wanted printing on the back


There were two events being held inside the shop. First, there was the photo event, where fans had a chance to take photos with the lifesize cutouts of the players and had the photo printed. Those who participated in this event also received a handmade towel, all handmade by Keria’s mom.

Photos with the lifesize cutouts of the T1 players!
Once you send the picture to the T1's event website,
You were able to get the photo printed on-site and receive cool souvenirs
These handmade towels were made by none other than Keria's mom


Additionally, fans in attendance were able to leave messages to the players, and one lucky fan was chosen at random for a chance to win a T1 uniform that was signed by all 10 of the T1 players. Furthermore, all those in attendance were provided with snacks and drinks, as well as T1 notebooks and stickers as souvenirs.

One lucky fan went home with this signed uniform


T1 personnel in attendance commented, “Today was a pre-launch event that was specially held for our fans, and the shop will close back down tomorrow. As all of our players spend most of their time at the HQ, their health is our utmost priority. The grand opening of our shop will be determined based on how the ongoing pandemic develops, and we hope that we'll be able to open our doors to our fans very soon."


While this pre-open event was exclusive to Korea, fans around the world are able to purchase all of T1’s merchandise via their online shop. Please visit their official website for additional information.


In one corner of the shop, various trophies won by T1 were showcased
All of the T1 merchandise from today!
Masks are critical in these times. Stay safe, everyone
The hoodie that's limited to offline purchase
Perfect for Spring weather

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