Sakurai reveals why Smash has so many swordies, shows off Pyra and Mythra's powerful moveset

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While Pyra and Mythra brought a new fighting dynamic to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, they also brought something quite familiar to Smash players — more swords. 


Counting these controversial new fighters, there are now 20 sword fighters on the 80-fighter Smash roster. That's about 25% of the roster. Most of the sword fighters are from the Fire Emblem games and share a lot of similarities when it comes to their moveset and appearance. Those similarities have only made the repetitiveness of swordies more apparent. 


This has become a heated topic in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community, with competitive and casual players alike ranting about growing frustrated with the abundance of sword-based fighters. Most sword fighters have similar attacks and require similar tactics to take them down with other fighters. It can become redundant and annoying for many players. 


Source: Nintendo Direct


So what's with all the sword fighters? With Pyra and Mythra dropping today, it's definitely on people's minds more than ever. Mashiro Sakurai was asked this question in the latest episode of Washa Live. 


Sakurai joked that the abundance of sword fighters "is what it is." According to game director, it's not up to him whether a sword fighter goes into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or not. He noted that sword fighters are often added because they are easier to implement compared to characters like Steve who have a more complex and unique kit. 


"Even if it's another sword fighter," Sakurai added, "it will be fine as long as we balance them properly." 


Pyra and Mythra moveset revealed


The Nintendo Direct earlier this morning showed us Pyra and Mythra in action. Sakurai also explained the new fighters' moveset. While Pyra hits harder and has more reach, Mythra's attacks are faster. This encourages players to switch between fighters strategically throughout the battle. 


Pyra's special Smash attack is called Smash Flare. It basically powers up the rest of her smash attacks. Her special moves all revolve around fire: 


  • Flame Nova (Special) — The Aegis Sword spins around her, creating a ring of fire that damages opponents on either side of her. It's then launched. You can charge the attack before releasing the sword to deal more damage. It goes further if you flick the stick during the attack's input. 
  • Blazing End (Side Special) — The Aegis Sword spins in the air after being tossed and then returns to Pyra. Grab the sword early if you need to save time on its return. 
  • Prominence Revolt (Up Special) — Pyra recovers by leaping up in the air with her sword and then plunging back down. It deals damage in both directions. It's a very quick move that does a lot of damage. 
  • Swap to Mythra (Down Special) — Pyra changes to Mythra in a flash. There's a brief invincibility period so this can be used to unexpectedly dodge attacks and then counter them with Mythra. 


Mythra is a bit faster than Pyra and even has a dodge special. Foresight allows Mythra to predict an incoming attack and dodge to the side, reducing the amount of damage she takes. Her other special attacks revolve around speed and light as well: 


  • Lightning Buster (Special) — Charge up this attack to extend its reach and add an additional slash. It then delivers a series of these slashes directly in front of her, hitting incoming opponents. 
  • Photon Edge (Side Special) — Mythra blinks across the stage, slashing again and again as she quickly moves forward. This is an interesting recovery move due to its speed but has to be used correctly in order to ensure Mythra isn't vulnerable. 
  • Ray of Punishment (Up Special) — Mythra jumps into the air and then fires a blast at enemies below her while still airborne. If you hold the special button (B) or press it repeatedly, multiple projectiles will be shot down at enemies, called Chroma Dust. 
  • Swap to Pyra (Down Special) — Just like Pyra, Mythra can switch in order to dodge attacks if timed correctly. Then Pyra can damage unsuspecting opponents with a stronger attack. 


While sword fighters are apparently easier to implement in Smash, I'd say that Mythra and Pyra's moveset is quite unique compared to other swordies in the game. While there's no denying that they will have swords (and all the annoying perks that come with it), a lot of their moves seem more elemental in nature. It will take some skill and fast thinking to master when to swap and which attacks will be most useful in each situation. 


You'll be able to try out Pyra and Mythra later today. 

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