LeBlanc joins Legends of Runeterra with Empires of the Ascended


LeBlanc is the latest new champion in Legends of Runeterra, arriving with the Empires of the Ascended expansion. LeBlanc is a 5/2 Noxus champion that costs the very cheap 3 mana and provides the Noxus army with some more fuel — if it keeps dealing damage, that is.


LeBlanc's Quick Attack and 5/2 stats make her very powerful on the offensive. Her Level Up condition is to see you deal 15+ damage, which is often doable in one turn playing as Noxus. Once she levels up, every time she sees the player deal 15+ damage, she creates a Mirror Image, which makes Ephemeral copies of 5+ power allies. 



LeBlanc's supporting cards — Sigil of Malice and Mimic — play well off each other and can create a cheap burst of damage, especially if Reputation is in effect. Reputation is a new Legends of Ruenterra keyword, which triggers when units have hit for 5+ damage four separate times. 


LeBlanc is the only new Noxus champion revealed for Empires of the Ascended so far. She was also not on the leaked list of new champions, which begs the question what other surprises will the new expansion have. 


Empires of the Ascended launches Mar. 3 with 310 new cards. A full list of revealed cards can be found here

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