HLE Chovy: "Just seeing Pyosik run around the Rift made me laugh. But his Skarner in game 2 was quite scary..."

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On the 27th, in the 2021 LCK Spring Split, Hanwha Life Esports defeated DRX 2-0 and climbed to 3rd place in the standings. In the match, Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon played Lucian and Renekton to contribute to the team’s victory. Chovy joined Inven for an interview after the match and said that there are still parts that his play lacks and that he wants to work hard to become a perfect player.



You won against DRX again.


Today’s game was really fun. Just seeing Pyosik run around the Rift made me laugh. But his Skarner in game 2 was quite scary since its level was high.


You picked mid Lucian in game 1. Recently, the mid Lucian pick has been getting popular. What does it mean in the strategic point?


I think I shouldn’t say the strategy for the team. I can say that it’s one of my favorite picks.


Yohan had his debut today. How was the synergy with him? How high would you rate him for today’s performance?


He did his role well and reflected the feedback well in the game through his plays. He wasn’t even nervous in the second game. I think I’ll give him 87… 83? Hmm… 92 out of 100.


Is there a reason that your rating is so specific?


It’s a way of telling Yohan to pay attention to the details more.


You played Lucian-Karthus comp in the mid-jungle. How did jungle Karthus come out?


I think Karthus is a decent pick among the AP champions. It would depend on the situation, but Lucian-Karthus is a comp that could be attempted again in the future.


The draft was rather odd in game 2. It seemed that you didn’t think of the AP/AD balance.


I think we had an alright amount of AP damage. The opponent comp didn’t have a main tank so we didn’t think having mostly AD damage would be an issue.


You selected Randuin’s Omen as the second core when you played Renekton. It’s an unusual choice.


Syndra isn’t much of a threat to Renekton after buying Mercury Treads. Aphelios and Jayce scaled well so I built Randuin which was effective against them. We had Kai’Sa to fill in for the lacking damage.


In both games today, the Cloud Dragon’s soul didn’t appear. Do you prefer other drakes to the Cloud drake too?


I don’t really hate the cloud drakes. I don’t usually see what drakes appear, and just think about when they appear. It’s just simply important to take the dragons.


Just 3-4 years ago, a player that takes 9 CS per minute was considered a good player. But recently, the top players get 10 CS per minute. Why do you think this change occured?


Most people’s abilities to get the CS improved. Now, everyone trades damage tightly while taking all the CS. I think the laners’ abilities all leveled up a notch.


You said in the interview after the game that you want to make better decisions and faster plays. Are you still unsatisfied with your own performance?


I always try to be perfect. Although I work to do so, but I’m not perfect yet.


Any last comments?


I’ll do my best so that I can show better performances. I’ll keep working hard so I could keep improving.

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