Lissandra revealed as Legends of Runeterra champion in Empires of the Ascended

Source: Riot Games


Lissandra is the fourth new champion confirmed for the Empires of the Ascended expansion set for Legends of Runeterra. As expected, Lissandra is a Freljord champion and, much like many of her other frozen-land colleagues, she's geared towards late-game domination.


Lissandra levels up when 2+ allies that cost 8 or more are summoned. When a level 2 Lissandra is in play, she gives your Nexus Tough and starts producing the AoE damage spell Ice Shard every turn.


But that's not even the best part. When Lissandra levels up, she creates a 11/17 Watcher in hand — a monstrous 17-mana follower that Obliterates the entire enemy deck on attack. The Watcher only becomes playable when you've summoned 4+ allies that cost 8+, which makes his mana cost 0.




Lissandra will no doubt be a nice addition to control or midrange Overwhelm decks, which already are all about summoning massive units. The Feel The Rush (FTR) Control is one such deck in the current meta, but previous metagames have seen everything, from Warmother Controls to OTK Ledros Combos, to Anivia Controls. 


If leaks are proven true, there will be 10 more champions coming with Empires of the Ascended. Already announced (besides Lissandra) are:



Full list of revealed cards from Empires of the Ascended available here

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