Taliyah revealed in Legends of Runeterra, enables a brand new deck type

Source: Riot Games


Taliyah is the newest champion joining Legends of Runeterra with the Empires of the Ascended expansion. She is the third new champion revealed from the set after Jarvan IV and Renekton


Taliyah is a 2/4 Shurima champion for 5 mana, which summon a copy of an allied Landmark. Once 5+ Landmarks have been summoned, Taliyah levels up and starts going on the offensive, dealing 3x2 damage on each Attack to her blocker or the enemy Nexus, whichever is alive.

Riot announced a lot of Taliyah supporting cards too, giving an early glimpse of what a Landmark-focused deck could be. Sai Scout becomes an Elusive 2/4 if it predicts a Landmark. A couple of new Landmark cards and Landmark tokens were also shown, giving a lot more flexibility to the card type. 


Empires of the Ascended is coming Mar. 3, but already a lot of its new champion cards were leaked. If these datamined audio files are correct, and they are three for three so far, we'll have 14 new champions in total. 


Full list of revealed cards in Empires of the Ascended is available here

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