Level 19 rogue destroys PvP with 60.11% passive dodge chance

▲ Min-maxing low-level character stats in WoW: Classic is reaching new highs.


MMORPG players can generally be divided into two categories.  There are those that like to enjoy the game at their own pace and aren't too concerned about being powerful and, on the other hand, those that will spend days farming for a 2% DPS increase. 

Guess which type of player CreatedFast is? Here is a hint -- their level 19 Night Elf rogue Anexa has a 60.11% base dodge chance after securing each BIS (best in slot) piece of equipment and enchantment.


The past time of veteran players creating low-level powerhouses through rigorous optimization is as old as the MMORPG genre. However, the optimization meta of World of Waracts original release pales in comparison to what we see today in World of Warcraft: Classic.  Fast internet speeds, increased player skill, and data-rich community wikis have trivialized most PVE content in Classic, but as a result, PvP interactions between players have never been more cut-throat.

Check out the PVP video below detailing the dodge rogue in action:

We can only marvel at the in-game achievement of such min-maxing mastery. Bravo, Anexa!

Classic has changed, but it's still the same.

Despite some bumpy moments, Classic has largely succeeded as a nostalgia-driven experience that allowed players to rekindle their love of Blizzard and World of Warcraft in a way that felt familiar.  


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To many, the appeal of optimizing a level 19 character capable of terrorizing low-level battlegrounds is minimal. Some players take it a step further and criticize min-maxers (commonly referred to as Zoomers) for disrupting the original Classic experience and creating servers less about community and more about topping damage meters. 

The reality is, World of Warcraft has always had a die-hard player base that best enjoys the game by actively trying to break its balance.  The 60.11% dodge change rogue is just another chapter in the game's long history of game-breaking player achievements.

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