11 Legends of Runeterra cards see balance changes alongside Lunar Celebration event

▲ Aphelios is changing form and becoming a playing card. Images via Riot Games


The League of Legends' universe has fully embraced the Lunar Celebration. With themed content coming to the popular MOBA and Teamfight Tactics' game mode, on Tuesday afternoon, Riot Games announced that the festivities were coming to Legends of Runeterra as well. Arriving alongside the release of Aphelios in patch 2.1, a full-blown event featuring daily log-in rewards, cosmetics, and a lab was revealed.


By simply logging in every day for the next week, players will be able to pick up copies of new cards coming alongside Aphelios and a copy of the weapon-wielding goth boy himself. Lunar Celebration Quests will be coming daily too.


Below is an image of the daily log-in rewards:


In addition to the goodies arriving during the event, the development team announced that a myriad of balance changes are going live when patch 2.1 drops as well.


The following changes, with comments from the development team, are below:


Miss Fortune (Level 2)

Change: Removed Overwhelm after leveling up.

"Miss Fortune's level 2 lethality does not quite line up with the difficulty of her quest. We want to slightly reduce her ability to immediately end the game given she levels up."


Viktor (Level 1 & 2)

Level Up Requirement (Viktor Level 1): You’ve played 8+ created cards. → You’ve played 7+ created cards.

Change: (Level 1 & Level 2): Now creates a Hex Core Upgrade on both Play and Round Start.

"Viktor's build up is often too slow to have realistic impact on the game a Champion should have. We want to speed it up and also provide more immediate impact and potential for Augment Allies and Viktor himself when deployed later in the game."


The Grand Plaza

When an ally is summoned, give it +1/+1 and Challenger this round.

Change: When an ally is summoned, give it +1/+0 and Challenger this round.

"Grand Plaza has been a positive new tool for Midrange Demacia decks, but it's stat distribution on top of challenger makes it too easy to make profitable challenge-trades while adding resiliency. By removing the health buff, we want to allow more wiggle room for counterplay and soften the ability to keep your plaza units alive after challenging with them."


War Chefs

Base Stats: 1/3

Change: Base Stats: 2/2

"Originally, when we made this adjustment we had thought that retaining health was more powerful than attack. We were wrong about that, given the nature of Support units needing the ability to at least trade into more boardstates, so we're making a small adjustment to War Chefs."



Cost: 5

Change: Cost: 4

"We want to add some power to Ionia's identity as the only Region that can Recall enemies. This adjustment should provide some more texture and potential for the usable spells within Ionia."


Greenblade Elder

Base Stats: 1/1

Change: Base Stats: 3/1

"Like with Homecoming, we wanted to make a few small changes directed at improving some of Ionia's core mechanics. The Elder's stats made it impossible to be feasible, so this adjustment should provide hand buffing decks a bit more board presence and potential while setting up."


Captain Farron

When I'm summoned, create 3 Decimates in hand.

Change: When I'm summoned, create 2 Decimates in hand.

"The direct damage output provided by Captain Farron can be overbearing in many games, and can also prevent certain Region combinations from effectively executing a slower game plan. We're providing more breathing room while playing against Farron, while keeping his shape intact."


Blade of Exile

Cost: 3

Change: Cost: 1

"Blade of the Exile is a bit too clunky to be used effectively - and is often not used at all in games when it's created. We generally only change spell speeds in emergencies, so we're reducing the cost by two to both provide payoff for turbo creating it early in the game and for general ease of use."


Blade Squire

Base Stats: 1/2

Change: Base Stats: 2/1

"One of Riven's weaknesses is having to dilute your deck with her followers which are generally weaker than other options. For Blade Squire, we want to flatly increase its' viability with a better statline to give Riven decks a boost - and the card itself more satisfying play patterns."



Cost: 2

Change: Cost: 3

"Hush ultimately counteracts too many strategies, often time's doing it in a super-efficient way. While we've wanted to avoid over-nerfing in the past, the overall play rate and amount of strategies it's defanged, especially the champions from the Cosmic Creation's expansion, makes it clear that a flat nerf is warranted."


Pale Cascade

Give an ally +2/+1 this round. Nightfall: Draw 1.

Change: Give an ally +1/+1 this round. Nightfall: Draw 1.

"While there are strong burst spells at similar costs, Pale Cascade provides all Targon decks efficient combat superiority and protection without much of the opportunity cost given its' built-in card draw. By reducing the overall damage, we're removing some of the potential to create better trades or push damage."

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