HLE Chovy: "If we continue to ride this momentum, maybe we can even aim for a 1st place finish in the regular split."

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On Jan. 24th, day 10 of the 2021 LCK Spring split took place, with Hanwha Life Esports and Gen.G facing off in the second match of the day. Jeong “Chovy’ Ji-hoon had a legendary performance on Yone in game 2 and Akali in game 3, leading his team to a 2-1 victory.


Chovy joined Inven in a post match interview to talk about the match.

Thoughts on the victory over the current top dogs of the LCK?


Gen.G do very well in scrims, and they transition their scrim results in their matches very well, so I knew that tonight’s match was going to be a hard one. However, we came out on top, so I’m very happy.


Is there anything special that the team prepared for today’s match?


Our coaching staff analyzed Gen.G’s drafts and player habits very well. They created the environment for us where it all came down to our in-game performance.


Your performance in game 2 and 3 was some of the best that we’ve seen from you.


To be honest, all I did was to make the best play I could in the situation. It just looked like I carried the game really hard. While I did receive the spotlight today, it was all thanks to my teammates creating the right scenarios, so I’m grateful.


You played against Syndra, three times in a row.


I have a lot of experience in playing against Syndra, so it wasn’t too difficult. I know what Syndra’s pros and cons are, so I was able to do well against her.


Can you tell us about the blind Yone pick in game 2?


Our coaching staff took a look at their composition, and thought that there’s nothing that could counter Yone. I was up against Syndra as well, so I had an easy time scaling.


Thoughts on the Yone vs Syndra matchup?


As long as Yone doesn’t fall too far behind before his first base timing, Yone will have priority against Syndra in lane. She’s pretty immobile, so Yone can easily look for solo kills with his mobility. 


Something that caught my attention was your frequent roams. Is it a strategy that you prepared specifically for today?


I did pick a champion that can pressure hard in lane, and Bdd also kept disappearing into the fog of war after clearing the wave, so I decided that I need to utilize the map on a wider scale. Being situationally flexible is always good, and it’s something I’m practicing.


Compared to HLE during the KeSPA Cup, the team looks like a totally different team. What kind of changes did the team undergo for such improvement?


I think that the things we worked on each day built up on top of each other to be where we’re at right now. Not only are we on the same page, our fundamentals and communications have also been honed to be more clean. Who knows, if we continue to ride this momentum, maybe we can even aim for a 1st place finish in the regular split.


Your next opponents are Fredit BRION.


While we did just beat one of the strongest teams in the league, we won’t get complacent to prepare well for that match.


Lastly, a word to your fans.


The fan support is the fuel that drives us to perform better. Please continue to cheer for HLE, and we’ll make sure to live up to expectations.

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