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Oldschool fighting game fans miss one game more than most, Capcom’s love-letter to horror, Darkstalkers.

There isn’t a convention or EVO where whispers that a new version of Darkstalkers will be arriving, but much like sasquatch; there has been no tangible proof found. However, with the franchise back in the news cycle thanks to Udon’s Lucky Felicia pin and Arcade1Up’s Capcom Legacy Edition cabinet, we thought we’d share some incredible fan art with you. 

Kicking things off is this insane animated Jon Talbain from DeviantArt user Sollyz. Talbain is a perfect werewolf design, and Sollyz captures their details incredibly. A breathy, flexing sees the character snarl and growl, ready to pounce into battle on a minute’s notice. Make sure to click through the link to see it in its best quality. 

Raichiyo33 is known for their absolutely gorgeous characters. Glowing eyes, voluminous hair, and great textures are all trademarks for the artist, and they bring all this and more to this Morrigan fan art. The succubus sits atop a spooky rooftop, a coy look on her face as moonlight catches her wings. 

Our favorite Darkstalkers character—of course—is Sasquatch. Just a wonderful play of shape and form amongst a roster of heaving bosoms and washboard abs. This sculpture from
Iliazero would be something I’d display proudly in my home. The shading in an icy shade of blue, the dopey expression on Sasquatch’s face, the detail in the folds of the hands, everything. Perfect.

I love minimalism, and this roster select from
Purityswing on DeviantArt does an incredible job of sharing all of the characters in a restricted color palette and a simplified style. Even more impressive is how the artist keeps any of the frames from feeling too crowded or busy, despite some rather complex designs. Fun character nods are also explored, like the mirroring of the succubi, and the eternal standoff between werewolf and vampire. 

I know I said Sasquatch is my favorite, but Rikuo is also an amazing character (okay, all of them are great). This zBrush 3D work in progress is really cool to see, sculpted by artist
dopepope. The detail in how the fins form the brow and flare out into ears and dorsal fin is beautifully done and we could easily see this being what Rikuo would look like should Capcom bring Darkstalkers into a 3D space. 

This collection of cutely rendered Darkstalkers characters from
Laumii is a great palette cleanser. Originally submitted for the 2009 Udon Darkstalkers Tribute Book contest, it features the females of the cast, and one mischievous Sasquatch. We love seeing traditional art, and this colored pencil/watercolor painting brings with it a unique storybook tone we absolutely adore. 

The bold colors and aggressive lines of this fan art quickly landed it into our favourites gallery and into this feature. With crystalline patches of light and contrast, we’re really into the way the duo of Lilith and Morrigan are rendered by the artist GNRTNM. The expressions on both of their faces also really help sell the characters, and the dynamic between the two.  We'll definitely be keeping our eye on this artist to see what else they create in the future. 

If you weren’t sold on Darkstalkers’ character design yet, let us introduce you to the Australian undead rockstar, Lord Zombie. Illustrated by MichaelJLarson, the musician and their faithful axe throw up the horns in this easter egg-packed faux-cover. The line weight and shading give an awesome sticker feel to the piece, one that we’d gladly slap on our fenders clamshell case. Keep an eye out for the original boss of the game, Pyron, in the sidebar!

VampBeauty (aka VampyBitMe) brings an alternate colorway for the game’s catwoman, Felicia, to life in this incredible cosplay. A lot of detail went into the look, with individually molded claws, fangs, and numerous other features to keep the looks as authentic to the game as possible. The wig was also given lots of attention, capturing the whisker-like flyaway strands and long waves.

Super-wide/combinable covers are an artform I absolutely treasure, and this three-part piece from (now Riot Games artist)
alvinlee is stunning. Everyone gets their moment in the collection, with wonderful lighting and detail presented throughout. We especially appreciate how Rikuo and Lord Raptor are coming out of the ground, adding extra layers to the spread.

There's plenty more Darkstalkers fan art where this came from, so check out the full collection here! Love a lot of this art and want to see it in a book? The Udon Entertainment Tribute may be just for



What fan art do you want to see next week? Let us know on social at @ggMattB and @InvenGlobal!



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