NS Rich: "It's already the third time that we're facing DK since rebranding... I’ll do my best to win this time."

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On the second day of the 2021 LCK Spring Split, Nonshim RedForce squeezed past Liiv SANDBOX in a close 2-1 clash. Although Nongshim RedForce took the first game, Liiv SANDBOX came strong in the second game. They fell behind early in game 3, but turned the game around with a great teamfight. After the match, Lee “Rich” Jae-won joined Inven for an interview.



You got the first win of the new season. How do you feel?


I feel good that we’re able to have a good start, but it’s regretful that several weaknesses were exposed.

Game 1 was a big win, but you lost big in the second game. What was the reason?


We didn’t fall behind too much in lane priority in game 1, so Peanut was able to make the game comfortably, but in game 2, the opponent Zoe had the priority and moved around. Our jungler wasn’t able to do much and we just simply lost.

There was a huge gap in top lane in game 3.


I was aching already after the level 2 trade. I tried not to die even if it meant that I had to give up some CS and experience, but I miscalculated the distance so I gave up the kill.

When were you sure that the game was turned around?


It was when Bay’s Syndra hit skills well and we got an ace. We burnt all their main spells and since we even got Baron, we were sure that we won.

The dragon fight around the 27-minute mark was also big. How was the situation?


Since we shouldn’t give up the soul, the calls were that we should focus everything on the dragon. Zoe was poking from the higher ground, so I was going to go forward even if it all hit me. But Zoe used her ult in front of me and got out of position and we were able to take that position to win the fight.

The team doesn’t look like a Rich-one-man-team anymore.


I feel that there’s still a long way to go for me. Peanut has been a great player for a long time and I’ve always thought that it’s a shame that Kellin couldn’t be a starter despite his good performances in solo queue. After he joined our team, the bot lane got really strong from great synergy.

From the KeSPA Cup, deokdam’s performance has been amazing.


Except for when deokdam overextends too much, he’s a great bot laner. He does that sometimes during scrims -- I believe that he’s doing that so he doesn’t make the same mistake in competitions. I have faith in him. Fighting.

What style is Nongshim RedForce aiming for in the future?


We want to show fast and aggressive performances, but we’re not quite there yet. If we’re able to improve some things, I think we’ll be able to show good games through the destructive bot lane and experienced jungle.

Your next match is against DWG KIA. How are your resolutions?


It's already the third time that we're facing DWG KIA since rebranding. He who wins last is the real winner, so I’ll do my best to win this time.

Any last comments?


Thank you to all the fans that always cheer for us. Although our immediate results may not be that good, we’re seeking a brighter future, so please keep an eye on us. We’ll repay you with good performances.

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