"Keep your music evolving!" -- Video Game Music DJ's react to Fuser mixes



Fuser allows gamers to dive into the world of festival tracks and custom mixes. Since it's release,  Fuser fans have been uploading their favorite creations online which gave us an idea -- what do professionals musicians think of all this?


We showed Video Game Music remix artists and music producers Grimecraft and GlitchXcity a wide variety of Fuser mixes to see how they felt about the game's ability to inspire music creation and teach fundamentals about DJ'ing and live set performance.



To any aspiring Fuser masters (or those looking to start their real-life music creation journey through gaming) take note of the advice these two experts give throughout the video. A little bit of producing fundamentals goes a long way when trying to make Billie Ellish's Bad Guy flow with Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up -- isn't that the Fuser dream after all?

For more information on Fuser, visit the official web page.

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