[KeSPA Cup] DWG gets through groups undefeated, RF and SB advance to round of 6


On Dec. 23, all of Group A’s matches of the 2020 KeSPA Cup Ulsan were concluded. DAMWON Gaming came up on top and reached the semifinals, Nongshim RedForce and Liiv SANDBOX reached the round of 6 as 2nd and 3rd, respectively.


In the first game, DAMWON Gaming again showed off their prowess. Liiv SANDBOX managed to keep the game close until mid game but the game tilted towards DAMWON Gaming’s side from that point. The gap blew open with a big teamfight win by DAMWON Gaming. After the gap was open, they slowly closed in to win the game.


Game 2 was between Afreeca Freecs and Nongshim RedForce. At first, Afreeca Freecs seemed to be ahead, but as the game went on, they didn’t perform as well in skirmishes. At the fourth dragon fight, Park “Bay” Jun-byeong’s Orianna held onto four champions with the ult. Most of the Afreeca Freecs members had Flash, but weren’t able to react to it. After this fight, Nongshim Red Force secured Baron and then the game. With this game, Bae "Bang" Jun-sik lost three consecutive games without dying a single time.


Liiv SANDBOX collected another win against DRX in the third game. Starting from the beginning, they collected kills and snowballed without many mistakes. It was a clean victory where they only gave up one kill. Through this win, Liiv SANDBOX finished the group stage with a 2-2 record.


DAMWON Gaming secured a spot in the semifinals by defeating Afreeca Freecs. The two teams fought a lot, but from the mid game, DAMWON Gaming proved why they were the World Champions. Their fights were dominant and they collected dragons well. Jang “Ghost” Yong-jun’s Jhin used his skills especially well. Through this win, DAMWON Gaming got through the group stage undefeated.



Nongshim Red Force collected their third win against DRX. Han “Peanut” Wang-ho’s Graves was the star of this game. Throughout the group stage, Peanut had shown great performances on Graves and his decisive plays saved the team in critical situations. Although DRX killed Lee “Rich” Jae-won’s Gangplank multiple times, it wasn’t enough to stop Nongshim Red Force. After bursting Baron, Nongshim Red Force took down DRX players one by one and destroyed the Nexus.



2020 KeSPA Cup Ulsan Day 3 Results



Afreeca Freecs L : W Nongshim RedForce


DAMWON Gaming W : L Afreeca Freecs

DRX L : W Nongshim RedForce

2020 KeSPA Cup Ulsan Group A Standings


1st DAMWON Gaming 4-0 (Semifinals)

2nd Nongshim RedForce 3-1 (Round of 6)

3rd Liiv SANDBOX 2-2 (Round of 6)

4th DRX 1-3

5th Afreeca Freecs 0-4

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