These esports-themed face masks are the perfect holiday gift

Image Source: G2 Esports


We have prepared a gift guide for the perfect socially-distanced stocking stuffer this holiday season for the esports lover in your life. We’ve got you (and your face) covered. Here are the most stylish masks you can snag from the world of gaming and esports.




ULT set their sights on creating a functional and stylish mask to keep gamers safe during the global pandemic. Complete with replaceable filters and available in three sizes, this mask was tested at Nelson Laboratories. ULT’s recognizable warp pattern appears across the mask, and a small label bears their logo. Find out more about the partnership in this video



FlyQuest Worlds 2020 - Dragon Mask


 If you were a fan of FlyQuest’s new design, this is for you. A delicate wave pattern and brushed dragon adorn this reusable mask, on top of a white cloth. Available in both Youth and Adult sizes, this mask celebrates Worlds 2020 and is made from Milliken BioSmart fabric.




$14.95 (Usually $19.95)

Perfect to complete your techwear look, this series from Meta Threads sports a stylish look. Nano-weave polyester wraps a concave frame, giving you room to breathe easily. This mask allows for PM2.5 carbon filters, with Meta Threads logo near the ear on both sides. Available in three shades (black, grey, white) as well as a youth-sided version, there are options to complement any look. As an added bonus, Meta donates two masks for every mask purchased to MasksForDocs. Nice!

We had the chance to try the MASKS4MASKS cut from Meta Threads as well, but found the design to create such large gaps—no matter the face size—that we wouldn’t recommend outside of a fashion.



Cloud9 Premium Facemask


Cloud9 provides two facemask designs for those looking to rep the C9 while out and about. Both of these also allow for PM2.5 filters and have adjustable ear-straps. The white facemask features a large C9 logo across the mask, while the black is more minimal with just a small blue logo near the ear-straps on one side. 





Team Liquid’s recent collaboration with Tokidoki came with a reversible mask. What the mask lacks in structure/fit, it makes up for in graphics. A very cute pair of unicorns and birds frame the TL mask on one side, while a collage of Liquid x Tokidoki designs fills the other. TL offers a couple of other designs as well, ranging from HungryBox-branded to a hand-scrawled “Let’s Go Liquid.” However, all masks from TL are only available in one size, granting the opportunity to not work well with your face shape, so be safe!

G2 Samurai Mask


If airborne particles could be intimidated out of your airways, the G2 Samurai Mask would be quite effective. Constructed to resemble the G2 logo, this mask has the added benefit of making you appear as though you have more disposable income than those who wear the $25 version of a similar design. The red-eye hiding beneath the brow is a nice touch, but most likely does not enhance your vision in any way.


If there are any masks you feel should have been on the list, please let us know on social media! Again, make sure to do your research and stay safe during these challenging times! 


DISCLAIMER: We haven’t been able to go masks-on with all of these masks, so their effectiveness at blocking dangerous particles is unknown. Please do your research and be safe! 

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