Grunge and tie-dye vibes in 100 Thieves' newest drop


100 Thieves has announced their newest drop, titled“Jam” Collection. The 12-piece collection returns to the team’s trademark colors: red, black, and white. The capsule delivers a series of fall and winter items, featuring eye-catching, tie-dye-inspired looks.



The looks within “Jam” might be on-trend, but lack to deliver anything that feels very unique. With no surprises, the capsule may be a miss for anyone without an affinity for the brand. We have even seen more agile esports design brands launch tie-dye looks earlier this year (ULT ^RESET / Team Liquid’s Marvel Retro and Heritage collections, etc). However, if you like 100T or don’t have a tie-dye piece in your collection, this could be your chance. 



The centerpiece of the capsule is the pullover hoodie in the “tie-dye” colorway. A black-and-red-dyed wash gives each hoodie a unique look. The 100 Thieves logo is centered on the chest, giving a clear focal point to the design. The same silhouette is available in red for those desiring a more minimal look, or not confident in pulling off the bolder wash. Either hoodie pairs well with black jeans or joggers, helping to emphasize the bulky fit.



If you are a fan of a tie-dye colorway, the t-shirt in this pack may be exactly what you are looking for. A classic, spiral tie-dye bursts from just below the 100 Thieves logo in waves of black and red. If you are new to tie-dye, make sure to keep in mind that what you see is not what you get. As each of these appears to be made individually, your shirt may end up more pink than red, with spirals placed in slightly different degrees of tightness, or numerous other subtle changes that occur from handmade items. This note is not to deter you but to keep you from setting your heart on any specific looks.


Not only have celebrity trendsetters like Hailey Bieber embraced tie-dye this year, but the ability to DIY a shirt from scratch while in quarantine has helped bring the style back into popularity. While tie-dye can be worn in many ways, styling this tee under a larger jacket or blazer can really deliver some retro vibes. We recommend keeping any layering simple to allow the tie-dye to do the heavy lifting. For bonus points, pair with a distressed denim jacket for a bit of a grungy vibe.


Two fleece bottoms are included in the set; pants and shorts. Neither are statement pieces, but rather clean, black options that are not so distracting. A red 100 Thieves logo sits above the left knee of both silhouettes, along with a small tag from the side-seam. Both the pants and shorts have drawstrings, allowing you to size up if you prefer a comfy fit. 


Some accessories round out the set, a keychain, in red and white, an “Army Dog Tag” bearing the 100 Thieves logo, and a dad hat in white and black, or black and red. If you are looking to really showcase that you are a fan of the thieves, these are all sure to help you.




To help promote the drop, 100 Thieves has teamed up with Epic to launch a “Jam” collection contest within Fortnite’s Creative mode. Users can visit the 100T Featured Hub, and explore the 100T compound. By submitting a screenshot or capture with a clever caption, users can enter to win pieces from the collection, Astro Headsets, and more. 


All images via 100 Thieves


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