[Official] LS joins T1 as a streamer/content creator, offers clarity and stance on recent community drama


On Nov. 24, Nick “LS” De Cesare posted a video on his personal Youtube channel, titled "T1, An Update, and My Future Plans". In the video, he announced that he will be joining T1 as a streamer/content creator and offered clarity on the recent drama.


The community controversy started when a private Discord group chat, leaked through Lee “Effort” Sang-ho’s stream. The Discord messages stated that LS will be the coaching staff for 2021 alongside former StarCraft 2 pro Choi “Polt” Seung-hun. While the Western community reacted positively to this potential acquisition, it drew a completely different reaction with some of the T1 fandom, in part due to the drama that happened with him and a former member of the organization, Park “Untara” Ui-jin two years ago.


The prospect of T1 LS fueled one fan to hire an LED truck to drive around Jangro and Gangnam, the home of T1’s headquarters and training facilities. The message called for “a clear and detailed explanation” and stated that there’s “no future for a team that shuts out devoted fans”. Both T1 and LS had remained silent until today, when T1 CEO Joe Marsh also provided an apology in a Twitlonger via his personal Twitter account, addressed to both T1 fans and LS.



In his video, LS first apologizes to Untara and provides clarity on the matter of racism towards Koreans. He further goes on to emphasize his love for Korea by sharing a story of how he was offered hospitality and warmth from the Korean people, during his early days in Korea. Lastly, he shared the tremendous support that he was given from T1 in the light of recent events, and announced that he will be joining the organization as a streamer/content creator.


You may find the full statement from LS via the video down below.


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