Another Controversy Strikes? bbq Olivers Makes an Official Statement


On January 11th, bbq Olivers’ coach, LS,  posted complaints via Twitter about Untara’s recent YouTube clip regarding Malice’s action in KR solo ranked games. The controversy sparked when Untara posted a YouTube video showing Malice, a jungler for bbq Olivers, pinging excessively to his team. Regarding the video, LS tweeted, “Do you think it's funny to make a video grossly exaggerating a players behavior to get you some clickbait views? Are these bullshit type of things the reason you're taking time off from playing pro?” He also said, “Don't get me wrong, I too think the pinging is annoying and he could do better, but I think a video like this is grossly more toxic than anything he's actually done. Hypocrite.” bbq Olivers staff joined in the accusation, saying Untara is using Malice as clickbait for his videos. In his defense, Untara posted his response to their criticisms.


▲ What LS posted on his Twitter are now deleted.


Following is the translation of Untara’s response:

“I'm not taking a break from playing in the Spring Split to do this... I don’t know where [in the video] there was exaggeration and bullying because he is a foreigner. I didn’t post this video because he was a foreigner but because I wanted to question his actions as a pro. I used to ping and chat whatever I felt like doing before I became a pro but after I became a pro, I was always careful and made an effort to try hard in every game. In that sense, I don’t understand Malice’s actions. But the video seems to make you uncomfortable so I will take it down today.”



Despite what he said earlier, Untara later stated that he will not be taking the video down since he thought there was nothing wrong with it. Later, bbq coach and staff removed their posts from Twitter while bbq Olivers posted an official statement that included an apology written by LS.


The apology written by LS (click here to see the full text)

Currently, many Korean fans are criticizing bbq coaches and Malice for their actions. It hasn't been long since the Korean LoL community accused Malice of showing racism and toxicity in KR solo ranked games, which was brought up in this incident once more. Whether they truly meant what they said in the statement or not, it will be up to bbq Olivers to win back the hearts of their fans again.

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