[Worlds 2020] Finals KR Reactions: "Please 3-0... Please 3-0... Please win the championship..."


Pre Game

It’s the first time that an LCK team made it to the finals since ‘17, and I’m not getting nervous at all. It’s been long since it felt we wouldn’t lose.

ㄴ I’m actually quite nervous...T_T

ㄴ During groups, DWG’s odds to win the championship was third.

ㄴ It’s like watching a spoiled movie.


If DAMWON wins, world's best top is fixed. Winning Worlds without losing once.

ㄴEven if they lose, it's runner-up without losing

ㄴThere have been no top laners like this


I wish they made 3-4th match. One whole week is too long

ㄴ Yeah, G2 vs TES would have been fun


They should have at least made shadows...

ㄴ 2018’s AR K/DA was much better

ㄴ Bring back the Elder Dragon

ㄴ It’s not just us… English Twitch chat is also not satisfied

They’re really not even clapping at all. Make that place into a library

ㄴ Please!

ㄴ Looking at this, I feel that EU is really cool. They would have at least clapped for DWG.

ㄴ It’s like that because it’s Suning. If it was TES, they would be booing DWG off stage

ㄴ Info) Next year’s Worlds is in China again. It’ll be the same


Uzi would get PTSD


ㄴWhy Galio all of a sudden?


Hey! The stadium’s DAMWON’s! Riot designed the stage saying they'll win!

ㄴ Spoiler alert!

Game 1

I feel anxious that they gave up Leona.

ㄴ Pantheon can blow them up.

ㄴ Suning’s draft is too similar to their match against TES

Shanghai Library is now open!!

ㄴ Of course, you have be quiet in a library

ㄴ WTF did I see just now?!

ㄴ BeryL is really goooood

ㄴ Wukong threw hard there


Wukong is in Pantheon’s hands

ㄴ Rubbish Bin

*Suning slays Elder Dragon*

Bin is doing well as soon as we trash him...

ㄴ Sudden change of atmosphere...


ㄴ Kim Heo-su, is it you again?!

ㄴ ShowFaker!!!!

ㄴ He really made a show

ㄴ Teemo thumbs up is badass

*Goes past 40 minutes*

I can’t believe DAMWON’s first game is longer than 40 minutes

ㄴ It’s really the Worlds finals

ㄴ Suning looks like the old DAMWON, the one that was just starting to improve

ㄴㄴ It seems they have a high potential

ㄴㄴ Yeah, they’re actually pretty good


Those who have been watching game 1

ㄴ Yeah, DAMWON, we trusted you T_T


Support difference amazing. BeryL is really good

ㄴ How does a support solo kill a mid laner at 40 minutes?

ㄴ Mikyx, are you watching? Pantheon should be played this way

ㄴ Is 1024 really damage from a support champ? LOL

ㄴ That’s not a support, it’s an assassin!



ㄴ BeryL!! BeryL!! BeryL!!! BeryL!!!!!


???: You said this was the most expensive toy here? You lied You lied You lied You lied You lied You lied You lied You lied You lied You lied You lied You lied You lied You lied You lied You lied You lied You lied You lied You lied 


Past LCK Fan: The finals would be fun only if the opponent won at least one game… I’m worried it would be boring

Current LCK Fan: Please 3-0… 3-0, please… Please win the championship...

Game 2

They let through Lucian?

ㄴ I think it’ll be Nuguri’s Lucian

ㄴ There’s Ornn… seems like mid Ornn

ㄴㄴ LMAO what are you doing?


I can finally use this pic! Suning’s Rengar!



ㄴ cvMax actually said to Doran that he thinks Rengar is good recently

Why is he playing Rengar if he’s going tank?

ㄴ Cinderhulk Rengar...


First blood!!

ㄴ Nice K.O. emote


Awesome wombo-combo

ㄴ Nuguri’s really wow

Is it true that Rengar and Fiora are actually carrying Suning?

ㄴ Nuguri failed with Fiora, but Bin is really carrying...

ㄴ This is insane


*Fiora gets Pentakill*

Wow, I didn’t expect to see a pentakill from Fiora at the World Championship finals

ㄴ It’s the first-ever finals pentakill

ㄴ And with Fiora


Why didn’t you predict Rengar? It's obvious they would play Rengar

ㄴ Their mascot is a lion… How could they not play? lol

ㄴ They were careless

ㄴ Isn’t it Gnar?

ㄴ They didn’t think they would REALLY play him


???: It should have been top Lucian

ㄴ I wonder what TheShy would say watching this game

ㄴㄴ He’ll be saying, “You’re not supposed to play Lucian like that”


???: See? We weren’t weak

ㄴ That’s actually true

Was Lucian a trap pick?

ㄴ He suffered a lot from the beginning, so the meaning of the pick dissolved.

ㄴ More than that, he was cut off too much


Game 3

The real game starts now

ㄴ Please do well

Game 3 draft… Thoughts?

ㄴ Is Jhin-Braum alright?

ㄴ I trust Nuguri’s Kennen

ㄴ Swordart=Alistar. It is known


What?? Omnistone Nidalee Jax?

ㄴ Does that work?

ㄴ Maybe it’s to shake up DWG’s mentality

ㄴ Why in the world is this team unpopular? Their picks are crazy!


DAMWON’s macro is passive today… Their macro isn’t like usual. It’s like looking at the old LCK’s aim for late game macro

ㄴ Maybe because of the crowd

ㄴ They have 7,000 people watching all around them

*First blood*

Canyon’s doing well! Why did he underperform in game 2?

ㄴ Probably because he hadn’t played Evelynn in a while?

ㄴㄴ Aha

ㄴ He was too greedy at the Herald. If he just aimed for the teamfight, it would’ve been better


If this was a ranked game, Nuguri would be smashing his keyboard and typing all chat “Stop coming here you idiots”

ㄴ They keep going and going...

ㄴ How many times are they ganking top

ㄴ If it was solo queue, he would be hating all nine people

ㄴ Even so, his counter was unbelieveable



ㄴ Baron shotcall from the madness was opening the door to doom

ㄴ Twitch chat is so funny. When they’re good they’re like, “NO DOUBT”, when they’re doing bad, they’re like, “GO DOUBT”

ㄴ It looks like DAMWON players are intimidated


Today’s game is really worth cheering for!

ㄴ It’s finals like finals for the first time in three years!

ㄴ DAMWON!!! DWG!!! DWG!!!!!

ㄴ I mistook Suning. They’re really good.

ㄴㄴ A team worthy of the finals.


Game 3 MOM

ㄴ Nuguri yes yes

ㄴ The NUGURI took care of everything!

(Ed - Nuguri means Racoon in Korean)

I understand Bin’s thoughts. It doesn’t feel that the ADC would carry at all if he doesn’t do all that crazy stuff

ㄴ Suning ADC is really bad

ㄴㄴ It’s not that the ADC’s bad, DWG’s pressure is really strong

ㄴㄴㄴ SN ADC is also bad. His natural reflexes aren’t good

ㄴㄴㄴㄴ Then why did TES lose?

ㄴㄴㄴㄴㄴ Because JackeyLove threw harder


???: Please let it end in the next game

ㄴ All the fans are praying together

ㄴ I wanted a smooth 3-0… Not a tough 3-2… Let’s go with 3-1 at least...


Game 4

Argg they gave Leona again

ㄴ Leona given up AGAIN

ㄴ They let through Leona AGAIN

Why are they keep giving Nuguri a tank champ? I wanna see him play a sword champ.

ㄴ Because he picks first

ㄴ First pick

ㄴ The opponent jungler is camping top

ㄴ Even if it’s Nuguri, it’s hard to pick a sword champ first… The opponent is insane

ㄴ Suning’s a top one-tool, and DWG can carry from all lanes. If the top lane goes sword vs sword, it’s a lot riskier so they don’t need to do that.


Please win DWG please win please


BeryL solo kill!!!

ㄴ BeryL is truly a treasure

ㄴ Pantheon isn’t OP at all. BeryL is!

This is what mid laners should do in the meta, and ShowMaker’s doing it so well. Like him, mid laners should join the team quickly or look after the vision in the jungle and river. ShowMaker does that instead of concentrating on 1v1s. That’s the main reason that DWG is strong.

ㄴ He has a good understanding of the meta

ㄴ Yes. Mid laners shouldn’t pound their opponents, they should roam around and snowball to benefit the team

ㄴ Chovy’s actually the best at that

ㄴ Caps’ style play is really good. Faker’s this style too, but his prowess isn’t that good anymore

ㄴㄴ Faker is the opposite. In his prime, he pounded down his opponent in 1v1s, drawing the jungler to him to win 1v2s or evade their ganks. Back then, that was playing for the team and it was meta

BeryL did all that he could do

ㄴ He’s really good. He’s the world’s best support



The wolf has spotted food

ㄴ Canyon!!!


I’m looking forward to Sunmi’s Instagram

ㄴ We’re almost there!!!


???: Nuguri, could you please look this way for a sec?

ㄴ Nuguri: I know you did well. But I’ll go with Kennen


The reason Ghost’s in such a good form: It’s Halloween

ㄴ LMAO You can’t win against Ghost on Halloween

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ㄴ What is this and why is it making me cry at age 32 T_T

ㄴ We’re back to the premier league!



ㄴ T1 LOL

ㄴ If LPL is Cell, Goku loses to him...

ㄴㄴ So I put great great Super Saiyan 3

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