Lee Sin, Make it Rain nerfs coming to Legends of Runeterra with Patch 1.13

Source: Riot Games


Legends of Runeterra is set to receive a new batch of changes with Patch 1.13, coming to the game this week. The patch balances out just two cards (ahead of the much larger Patch 1.14, coming in two weeks' time), but they might be enough to balance out the current power level of some of LoR's strongest decks.


Lee Sin now costs 5 mana up from 4, slowing down when he actually hits the field. Lee Sin has been a meta-defining champion for weeks now, as the centerpiece to the Zed/Lee Sin and Diana/Lee Sin decks. These combo decks rely on early Lee Sin drop to generate tempo alongside early Diana or Zed plays and then stacking spells onto the blind monk to control the board. Spells like Zenith Blade and Pale Cascade have been great for Lee Sin, but even the innocent-looking Gems generated by various followers have allowed Lee Sin to dominate the mid-game. 


With the change, Lee Sin will also have higher health (5 health up from 4), but that doesn't make up for the increased mana cost, which will slow down the curve of these tempo/combo decks.


Make it Rain is another staple card that is getting a mana cost nerf, now costing 3 mana up from 2. Make it Rain has been in virtually every Biglewater deck, be it the #1 deck in the meta Swain/TF, or the numerous Pirate variations, like GP/MF Aggro or GP/TF Midrange. The versatility of the spell has just been too high for only 2 mana: it can ping down enemies, but also, when it hits the Nexus, triggers Plunder, or can even explode Kegs for even more damage. 


"This change should bring Make it Rain more in line with other damage spells' potential and weaken Bilgewater's overall toolbox," says RubinZoo, LoR's Live Design Lead. 


The patch changes aren't likely do dethrone Swain/TF or Pirates Aggro from Tier S, but Lee Sin combo decks will almost certainly have to reevaluate how they approach the meta.

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    level 1 lorrielsims

    No idea how they can nerf garen in low MMR specifically without hurting his high MMR gameplay unless they target in http://sidingcontractorseattlewa.com/

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