[Worlds 2020] Suning Press Conference: SofM to his Vietnamese fans: "I received an incredible amount of support... I just want to say thank you."


Suning Gaming has defeated the giants, Top Esports, who took them down in the LPL semifinals the last time they met. They won the rematch; they knocked out the Worlds favorites. And they did so in style, playing hard carries top lane, where they were previously beaten down, and picking River Shen for Lê "SofM" Quang Duy which is the closest to a TSM victory of Worlds 2020. 


With this, Suning has gone from 11th place in Spring to a Worlds Finals, dwarfing the Clutch Gaming 9th to Worlds run last year. After the series, Suning spoke to the press about their victory and upcoming match against DAMWON Gaming.


Watch the press conference here, or read the full transcription below.



(To Bin) You’ll be facing Nuguri in the finals. As both of you are very aggressive laners, how do you predict the matchup will go?


Bin: I think it’ll be very chaotic. I’m confident that I can beat Nuguri.


(To SwordArt) How does it feel to play in your very first Worlds finals?


SwordArt: I’m very happy and excited to play in the finals. All five of us are very good players, and we have great team synergy, so I’m very hopeful about the result.



(To SofM) Congratulations on heading to the finals. Canyon predicted that the matchup against you will be a tricky one. How do you predict the matchup will go?


SofM: I think that it’ll come down to which champions that we use. Canyon’s very good at Graves and Nidalee. While I may falter a bit compared to him in that aspect, I’m confident in my wide champion pool.


(To SofM) A lot of champions that aren’t predominantly picked in the current meta have been played tonight. Where do you think Jarvan IV and Lee Sin stand in the current meta?


SofM: I picked Lee Sin tonight because I knew I could carry with him. In terms of J4, he’s a champion that can support my teammates’ carry potential in the late game.


(To SwordArt) After the match, you went on to give Karsa a hug. How did you feel at that moment?


SwordArt: There were a lot of mixed feelings. Only one of us could head to the finals, and since I was the one moving up, I carried on the bigger burden. I thought that I just had to win, no matter what.


(To Angel) LPL as a region is headed to its third Worlds finals. What’s the secret behind making it to the finals three times in a row?


Angel: In the LPL, there are a lot of players who play aggressively like us, and they’re all full of ambition, so that’s why LPL performs well at Worlds.


(To huanfeng) Compared to your teammates, your journey at Worlds has been even more dramatic. What does going to the finals mean to you?


huanfeng: I believe that we could reach higher heights, for a very long time.


(To SofM) You stated in a previous interview that since VCS couldn’t make it to Worlds this year, there’s a lot more pressure on your shoulder in representing Vietnam. Can you share how you’re feeling at the moment?


SofM: It feels really good, as this is the first time going to the Worlds finals playing pro for 5-6 years.



(To Chashao) SN underwent a massive growth throughout this tournament. What’s the drive behind such growth?


Chashao: There were many talented players who gathered to create this roster. The Worlds’ stage have fit us very well, and since our expectations were low, we didn’t feel pressured.


(To SwordArt) You continue to be undefeated on Leona. Thoughts on the champion?


SwordArt: In the current meta, the support-jungle synergy is incredibly important, and Leona is a champion that does very well in fights to contest for the Rift Herald. However, there are obviously ways to deal with Leona.


(To Angel) As a team that grew tremendously throughout this tournament, can you share some of the changes that the team underwent? Also, having previously stated that your goal was to win Worlds, how do you feel right now?


Angel: There were many aspects that we improved as a team at this year’s Worlds. I’m very happy that we made it this far, and I believe that we’ll win.


(To SofM) Is there anything you’d like to say to the Vietnamese fans?


SofM: I received an incredible amount of support, and they all told me that they’ve watched a lot of my matches. Despite playing in the LPL for a long time, I just want to say thank you.


(To huanfeng) How do you feel in making it to the finals, and is there anything that you’d like to say to Ghost, a bot laner who’s also playing in his first Worlds finals?


huanfeng: I’m very happy, and I believe that we have a very similar playstyle, so it’ll be a fun match.



All images via: Riot Games


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