It's been 12 years since we've seen a Bowser combo video this good

I have already written about the original combo video that pre-dates the masterpiece you are about to watch.  In an article titled "The unsettled case of Melee's low tier characters and the advantage of mastering them" I write how players' overall game knowledge and ability to read their opponents can be honed in significant ways if they choose to devote time to mastering a low-tier character.

This doesn't change the fact that low tier characters in Super Smash Bros. Melee are bad. All of their numbers (things like frame advantage, active hitboxes, movement speed, jump speed, etc) are worst than their top-tier alternatives and, at nearly all levels of play, these advantages provide a significant edge against your opponent who may be playing a lower-tier character.

But with the release of Boozer Cute 3, the third installment of a combo video series last updated 12 years ago, I'm reminded once more of Melee's incredible depth and the inherent potential in all of its characters. Utilizing modern movement techniques and combo amplifiers like slide-offs, @62bithero (also know as GimpyFish) shows off Bowsers' unique strengths and lethality in ways that very few in the Smash community are away are.




Most importantly though, this video is all about hard reads and predictions. Novice to intermediate level players often creates the foundation of their melee gameplay by understanding their top-tier characters' most powerful moves and advantage states. This leads to some predictable habits (up-tilters, crouch cancelers, full-hoppers, etc) that might have never been picked up if, instead, they learned the game using a less powerful character.

For example, When playing as Bowser, you don't have the luxury of powerful moves or advantage states. As a result, a Bowser player's foundation of gameplay must be built upon something else. In this case, 62bithero uses incredible reads and overall game sense to make Bowser into a potent threat.

If you liked the video, be sure to follow and subscribe to the YouTube channel, at 62bithero.

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