[Worlds 2020] DRX Deft: "Everyone was saying that we just want to avoid DWG..."


DRX advanced to the knockout stage of the 2020 LoL World Championship with a 4-2 record. They defeated FlyQuest and Unicorns of Love in both games of the double round-robin, but they fell to Top Esports twice. Proceeding to the next stage, DRX drew DAMWON Gaming for the quarterfinals. After the quarterfinals draw, Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu joined Inven Global to talk about their games and how it felt to meet DAMWON Gaming in the quarterfinals.


You’ve secured a spot in the quarterfinals. How do you feel?


We could have advanced in first place. The picks and bans were great, but I kind of feel upset that we lost because we weren’t good enough. We still have a chance, so we need to keep it together and work harder.

Top Esports is considered one of the heaviest favorites in this Worlds. How was it playing against them?


In our first game against them, there were mispicks in the draft for us, so we thought we would be able to win if we adjust that. I think we had the better draft today, but it feels that we lost simply through prowess.

You first-picked Caitlyn. What was the intention?


Caitlyn is a good champion if there are no accidents up to the mid game, and when having the initiative in slow games. We had the initiative and pushed to the bot turret easily, but when we tripped once, we lost too much so it was really difficult from that point.

By “tripping”, do you mean when Orianna hit her ult in mid lane?


Actually, that blew up the game. Before that, there was a moment with the timing between Ornn and Bard’s ult. We took one step too far. Although we didn't die, we lost a lot.



Last time, when I interviewed Chovy during his quarantine, he seemed to be tired of being alone. How was it for you? How was it for other players?


Everything was alright for me, except for the food. The food usually came when we were scrimming. If I had meals on my schedule, they were all cold. Besides that, it was good. As for other players, Pyosik really likes to be with other people, so it seemed that he had a hard time.

In your previous appearances at Worlds, you were one of the youngest players, but you’re the oldest player this time. What’s different?


I feel more responsible, so I think I shouldn’t stumble and be more steady.


"I thought we’d have to meet either DAMWON Gaming or Gen.G at semis, but it’s kind of awkward that we’re all there on the same bracket."

You have a long career now and there are players like Doublelift, Rekkles, etc., who have even longer ones. What do you think when you see them?


In a way, they’re all enemies, but I’m really happy to see them. In the LCK, most of the players that have played for similar duration are leaving. But here, there are players that have played with me from back then.

You will be meeting DAMWON Gaming in the quarterfinals. How did the team react when you saw the draw?


Before the draw, everyone was jokingly saying that we just want to avoid DAMWON Gaming… But since we have to meet them anyway, we said we simply need to do our best to beat them.

I’m guessing you would have wanted to avoid LCK vs. LCK.


I thought we’d have to meet either DAMWON Gaming or Gen.G at semis, but it’s kind of awkward that we’re all there on the same bracket.

Was there any team that you wanted to meet?


There weren’t any special teams, but right now, I want to meet Top Esports again.

Any last comments?


From now on, if we lose, it’s really over, so I’ll do well. [laughs] I remember saying the same thing before after losing: I would ask the fans to cheer for us to the end with faith. We’re not eliminated yet. I’d be grateful if you believe in us one more time. Thank you.


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