DRX Chovy: "Knight is considered the best mid laner in the world. I can’t guarantee that I’ll win or lose."


Last week, the DRX players left for China to participate in the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. As per local government regulations with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, all members of DRX are currently quarantined for two weeks inside the hotels that Riot provided for the Worlds participants. When Inven Global spoke to the mid laner for DRX, Jeong "Chovy" Ji-hoon, over Discord, he seemed eager for his two-week quarantine to end. He also shared how he spends his days in quarantine and his thoughts on returning to the Worlds stage for the second straight year.



Hello! I heard that you had a slight cold. Are you alright?


It’s really exhausting here, that I don’t even feel the cold. It’s tiring… [Laughs] I sometimes wake up in the middle of my sleep.

Is it lonely being quarantined?


It’s really lonely. When I play solo queue in the Chinese super server, I feel so lonely that it feels like I’m left in this world alone. Even when we scrim, I only talk online with the other players.

Can you introduce your daily life in quarantine briefly?


Well… I eat when I’m hungry, sleep when I want to as long as the night and day aren’t reversed, play solo queue, or rest as I please.

It’s your second World Championship for you. How does it feel?


For now, I don’t really feel it. I just think I should survive this first. If I ruin my condition during the quarantine, it’s really bad, so I’m putting in most of my time and effort in staying healthy.

Has it been a week now?


It’s my eighth day. (So you have a week left?) I have six days left. Please don’t add another day… [Laughs]

I’m really sorry. [Laughs] It hasn’t started yet, but does it feel different from last year?


I’m not sure if anything’s different. I always have the mindset of wanting to play well and win. I don’t think there’s anything different. I guess I have more responsibility.

Were there any players in the team that were excited to go to Worlds? Anyone that hasn’t been abroad yet?


I’m not sure since we’re not together. It’s not certain, but I think it’s the first time abroad for Pyosik.

After DRX was drawn into the same group as Top Esports, cvMax said in an interview that he trusted Chovy regarding the Chovy-Knight matchup. What do you think?


I didn’t know he said that. Even I can’t believe myself 100%... [Laughs] That’s some weight on my shoulders.

You also came in 2nd on ESPN’s power rankings. How does that feel?


As much as people evaluate me that well, I feel good. The higher the evaluation, the higher the expectation, so I feel more responsible to play well. I’ll need to deliver good performances.

Are there any teams that you’re especially more aware of? Any players?


More than the teams, I need to focus on laning against Knight. Knight is considered the best mid laner in the world. I can’t guarantee that I’ll win or lose. I think I’m quite good as well; although I can’t guarantee that I’ll win, what I can guarantee is that I’ll be doing my best.

Were there any other teams or players that you wanted to meet at Worlds?


There aren’t any teams in specific, but I’d like to face Kanavi and LokeN. They’re players that I know personally, so I think it’ll be fun to face them.

Last year, Pantheon had a 100% pick or ban rate. Do you think there will be any champions that are similar to that?


This year, I think Lucian would take Pantheon’s spot. I believe he’ll record a 100% pick/ban rate.

*Ed. This interview was conducted on the 19th, just before Worlds started.

Is there a champion that you’d really like to play at this Worlds? You can lie about this to protect your team’s strategies.


Hmm… I’d like to play Jhin. (Mid Jhin, really?!) [Laughs] You don’t know if it’s a lie. No one knows if I’ll play it or not. Even me.

Lastly, a word to the fans?


On the Worlds stage, I don’t want to make the game disadvantageous because of me. I’d like to contribute to taking the lead in the game. I hope all fans watch and cheer for me. Thank you.

You look really tired. I hope you take care over the remaining six days.


Thank you.

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