[Worlds 2020] GEN Rascal: "We have experience beating JDG before, so I’d like to face JDG."

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Gen.G finished the group stage in 1st place at the 2020 LoL World Championship by defeating Fnatic in their last match. It was a swift 23-minute game, different from Gen.G’s first two games of the day. Over the whole group stage, Gen.G top laner Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee stood solid as a pillar of the team. He joined Park Jee-sun after securing 1st place in the group for an interview.



You made it to the quarterfinals as the first seed from the group of death, group C. How do you feel?


I’m satisfied that we’re getting out of groups in 1st place. Our performance in that last game was the best performance we showed up to now, so I’m quite satisfied.

As you said, your performance was explosive in that match. Unlike the first two games where you struggled against LGD Gaming and TSM, you were able to end the game within 23 minutes. How was that possible?


I really don’t know the reason. I just think everyone played well.

At this World Championship, Rascal has been a solid pillar of Gen.G. Do you think your form has gotten better?


My form is alright. My teammates are all doing well, and I get some sitting, so it could seem like that.

Still, you’re really performing well at this Worlds like you’re not nervous at all. Do you think you perform better on bigger stages?


I don’t think the size of the stage really matters; I just do what I need to do. Well, maybe in a way, I am stronger on bigger stages. [Laughs]

Up to now, you could meet G2 Esports or JD Gaming at the quarterfinals. Is there a team you’d prefer? A team that you want to meet?


We have experience beating JD Gaming before, so I’d like to face JDG.

The quarterfinals will be here in no time. How are you going to prepare for it?


I’ll be preparing as we always did. I’d like it if we all do well to show good performances.

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