[Worlds 2020] GEN Ruler: “Lucky for us, they (TSM) were hasty and made many mistakes.”

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Gen.G started off round 2 of the group stage at the 2020 LoL World Championship with two wins. Their games against LGD Gaming and TSM weren’t easy, but they managed to turn unfavorable situations into victories. After their win against TSM, Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk joined Park Jee-sun for a brief interview.



You’ve won two out of two in the second round. How do you feel?


It was so hard that I feel dizzy and tired.

As you said, it was a tense and dizzy game. Senna doesn’t have that high of a win rate in the groups up to now, but your Senna was really strong. How do you rate Senna?


I think she’s a sure top-tier pick. Since the patch will be this way for the full Worlds, I think she’ll remain as top-tier.

Also, Lucian’s tier rose a lot from the start of Worlds, but you allowed TSM to pick him. Did you have a counter?


We really didn’t have anything. We just played what we do well.

You were trailing a lot in the early game, and many people thought that TSM would win. How did you think you’d turn it around?


We just played as it is. We were too far behind. [Laughs] Lucky for us, they were hasty and made many mistakes, so we were able to win.

The Baron steal was interesting. How were the shotcalls?


We were all very concentrated so we didn’t make many shotcalls. Baron’s health was down to 100 but they didn’t use Smite, so I just hit it and I was able to steal it.

Many fans were worried because of your ear infection. Has it gotten better?


It’s definitely a lot better. But since the match was really important, I don’t think I would have put a tissue between my year and my headset. When I do, it feels that I’m not fully concentrated.

You were building towards a pentakill at the end of the game. Didn’t you ask for it?


My teammates all said no. [Laughs] I thought of killing them all but held it back.

How are your resolutions to move forward at Worlds?


If we win one more game, we’ll be going to quarters… Are we already in? [Laughs] I’m sorry. I’ll prepare for the next match well so that we can win until the end.

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