[Worlds 2020] GEN Life: "Bwipo's reactions are awesome... I’m looking forward to meeting him in person."


Gen.G added another win in the group stage of the 2020 LoL World Championship over TSM. They had a rough start as they gave up more kills, but Gen.G stayed ahead by benefitting in other areas of the map. It was a matter of time for them to take down the enemy Nexus. After the match, Kim "Life" Jeong-min joined Inven Global to talk about his first two games at Worlds.



How do you feel participating in your first World Championship?


If I come to think of it, I should be really, really nervous. But when I went onto that stage yesterday and today, all of that nervousness just dissolved and it became extremely fun. It’s so fun since all the opposing foreign teams have different styles. There was none of that nervousness I had in mind. It was fascinating.

How does it compare to your debut on the pro stage?


It’s about the same. [Laughs] There was exactly one time I was nervous on stage. Frankly, I don’t recall when or why I was nervous; it wasn’t any special match, just a regular season game. I just got nervous.

On the other hand, Ruler said that he was really nervous yesterday. Did you see that he was nervous?


I feel Ruler was always the same. In my opinion, he could have thought he was nervous because he wasn’t in his best condition from his ear infection.

Although it was your debut match, you carried the team with your performance on Sett. You were also given the Player of the Game. Did you think that you’d play that well?


Well, I always think I play well. [Laughs] I think I just played. Aside from my performance, whenever I attempted something, my teammates played well along with me, so it could have seemed like I was playing out of my mind.

Were you more confident when you were given Sett in the picks and bans?


I don’t think I play Sett especially well compared to other Sett players. I think there’s no difference, but oddly, whenever I play Sett in an official match, I play well. I guess I could say that I play Sett pretty well.

It seemed that other teams shouldn’t give Gen.G the Sett pick considering your performance yesterday, but the opponent didn’t ban him. Even so, it was mid Sett. What were your intentions?


Since we picked Ezreal and the Ezreal-Sett bot duo isn’t that good, we changed him to mid so that we could benefit through the Ezreal-Karma bot duo.

You were behind in kill score against TSM today in the early game. It was 1:5 at one point, but were you still confident that you’d win?


When we gave up kills, we felt that we were benefitting more than that on the other side. We had our eyes on the wave, the jungling was good, took down turrets well… Although the kill score was like that, we were well aware that we were ahead in the global gold. Despite the fact we gave up more kills, we felt that we were ahead. The composition for us was good for the late game too.

Then, you suddenly turned up your gears and ended the game. What made that possible?


As I said, we were ahead, and the comp was better. There was a point where I felt that the opponents seemed to be rushing things. Ezreal was just smacking them around… I think it was then when we stepped it up.

In an interview yesterday, you expressed that you were looking forward to laning against Doublelift. You probably would have grown watching him play. How was it?


When I first saw Doublelift play, I think I was maybe 15 years old. I remember the moonwalk Graves video… I thought he was cool. He’s a famous guy. When I was laning against him, it felt that he evaded skillshots well. In fact, not only Doublelift. It could be because of the style difference but I felt that foreign players evade skillshots better.

It seems that the Gen.G players are getting sick more than the others there. Are you alright? How are the players?


I’m fine. The hotel’s good… The food wasn’t that great during the quarantine but now it’s good. It hasn’t been long since we got to our hotel. We’ll have to see how it is. As for the other players… Well, they say they’re sick, but I think some of them are just saying that and exaggerating. Most of us are completely fine.

Your next match is against Fnatic. How do you think it’ll go?


I think all games would be similar. As for facing Fnatic, it seems Bwipo is really interesting. When he's playing, I watch the face cam. Bwipo's reactions are awesome. He’s never just sitting there. When we play them, he’ll be on my other side, and I think I’d be able to see his reactions. I’m looking forward to meeting him in person.

Any last comments?


Thank you for always cheering for us. We’ll make sure that we stay healthy and maintain our conditions to deliver our best performances at this Worlds.

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