[Worlds 2020] DWG Zefa: "Unless we make a massive mistake in the draft or plays, we'll win without too much trouble."


DAMWON Gaming continued to prove why they’re one of the favorites at the 2020 LoL World Championship. They defeated Rogue in the second match of the group stage in 34 minutes. It was longer than their previous match as Rogue came out very defensively, but DAMWON Gaming eventually got through. After the match, head coach Lee “Zefa” Jae-min joined Inven Global for an interview.



Two straight wins from the start. How do you feel?


Today’s game was a bit long, but I feel good that we won without much trouble.

You can feel class from DAMWON Gaming’s performance.


I think we’ve shown this style of performance often in the LCK. Coming here, participating in an international stage, we needed to see how it goes to really know about how good we are. It’s really positive that we’re doing so well in the first two games.

Many people expected a much closer match in your clash against JD Gaming. What made it so easy for you?


For our match against JD Gaming, I think their picks were focused on the level 1 invade. When we benefitted by denying their intentions, the flow of the game came to us and we secured that well.

Today’s match against Rogue wasn’t as fast as yesterday, but it was in a clearly different concept. What were your intentions?


First, there’s a difference in the blue or red side. We decided to go with a composition that had good picks that weren’t banned. Besides the composition, Rogue played really well defensively. When they stole our third dragon, the game had to get longer.

You’ve experienced teams from the LPL and LEC. How would you say they’re different?


Speaking only from the matches we played, I could say that the LPL team made more attempts and liked the picks that could make those attempts. On the other hand, LEC played more defensively and had picks which were better in the long run.

It’s the second World Championship for most of the players. They wouldn’t be as nervous compared to last year. Are they all calm?


When I listen to their plays or shotcalls, it feels that they’re playing really calmly.

Many fans are curious about Nuguri’s surgery and how he is. How is he?


It could have been different depending on how long it takes for him to join us after the surgery. I heard that the surgery itself was quite simple and he was hospitalized for about two days. Now, if you didn’t know Nuguri had surgery, you wouldn’t know at all. He’s really fine.

How are other players’ conditions? Did anybody have a hard time with the quarantine?


The other players are quite fine as well. I heard that some Gen.G players are having small issues, but for us, one of the players just has a minor headache. Besides that, we’re all good. I don’t think anyone struggled too much with the quarantine.

Rumor says that other teams try to avoid scrimming DAMWON Gaming because it’s too one-sided. Do you have difficulties in finding scrims?


Not really. We have scrims scheduled from the start of Worlds, spanned out to the end of the group stage. I never felt other teams trying to avoid scrims.

How do you expect the remaining matches to go?


In the current state, unless we make a massive mistake in the draft or plays, we'll win without too much trouble. Our last game is against JD Gaming. I think we just have to be careful with that game.

Any last comments?


It would have been better if our game today was faster, but we won’t mind too much about that. Rather than that, we’ll concentrate on having sure performances and maintain our conditions well to continue to perform well. Please cheer for us. Thank you.

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