[Worlds 2020] DRX Deft: "TES is evaluated as a team without any weaknesses... I think my teammates are better."

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DRX had a successful start in the 2020 LoL World Championship group stage as they had a clean victory over Unicorns of Love. It hadn’t been long since they were through with the 14-day quarantine yet they had a great performance on stage. After the match, Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu joined Inven for an interview.



You had a great performance. How do you feel about the win?


We prepared the match so that we can pin them down from the laning phase. I’m happy that we did that well.

Your quarantine just ended yesterday. Did that affect your condition in any way?


The new hotel we came into is really good and the food was great so I’m in much better condition than I was in during quarantine. There was no problem adapting.

The hair colors of the bot duo really catch the eye. You two dyed your hair into bright colors.


I’ve been thinking that I wanted to dye my hair. Keria said that he’s going to dye his hair and convinced me to go with him.


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UOL is a team whose strength is their flexible picks and bans. How did you prepare for the match?


UOL is a team that puts a lot of thought into their composition and we thought that type of teams would have a weakness in their laning, so we tried to capitalize on that. We focused more on the laning phase than the composition.

Pyosik’s performance was amazing today. It felt that the team was feeding him more.


We didn’t really intend to do that, but as the game went, the jungle was really ahead, so we tried to get the most out of it.

It was Pyosik’s debut. Wasn’t he nervous?


After the match, Pyosik was whining that it was hard to even hit the jungle monsters with the Q because his hands were shaking so much. He didn’t appear like that at all on stage. I think he’s adapting well to the Worlds stage.

Your own performance was great too. Are you satisfied with your own performance today?


I had the better pick, so I just played as I should’ve played. We’ll have to see how it feels against stronger teams.

How did you prepare for Worlds this time?


We spent a whole month checking what kind of mistakes we make in all matches by analyzing our individual screens.

How’s your back? It the longer you practice, it would be worse for your back.


It would be lying if I said it doesn’t hurt at all. The season’s not over yet, so I have to keep practicing. I’m playing while taking painkillers.

Keria also played really well on Pantheon. How would you rate his performance as his bot duo?


I think Keria did what he had to do. My expectation for Keria gets higher every day. I hope he keeps up the good work.

Any adjustments you need to make?


Actually, considering we were quite ahead, there was a situation that we nearly fell. We need to perfect our process more.

Your next match is LPL’s first seed, Top Esports. How will you be playing them?


Top Esports is evaluated as a team without any weaknesses. Even so, I think my teammates are better. I want to beat them through pure skill and ability, not by preparing something special.

Lastly, a word to the fans?


The LCK hasn’t been winning the championship for a couple of years. Compared to the cheering and support the fans have been sending us, the results weren’t as good. The LCK players still think that the LCK is the best, and they want to prove that through results. I’ll do my best to prove it, so please cheer for us until the end.


▲ Image via Riot Games

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