League Patch 10.20 Preview, balancing solo queue for the season's end

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The Worlds Patch has arrived and with it yet another new champion, Samira, and another new TFT set, Fates. And shortly thereafter, Riot devs have teased the next patch, one of the last before the preseason which is set to bring an entire overhaul to the current item system


This patch does not affect any sort of competitive play (beyond potentially Scouting Grounds if there are no further updates by then), so they're aimed more at solo queue play. Many of the changes are not entirely clear for many of the NA player base responding on Twitter, but most changes pretty directly correlate with solo queue stats. 


Most of the champions on the Nerf List are sitting at around a 53% win rate or so, with a decent play rate to show that it's not just one-tricks elevating the win rate. Likewise, most on the Buff List have a lower win rate and have not seen as much play. Other than the champs, the only other change is a nerf to Relentless Hunter, which provides a large bonus to out of combat movement speed. 



As this is the preliminary patch preview for patch 10.20, the devs have not yet provided any specific numbers or context, but they will update that soon with more exhaustive context. Until then, get ready to adjust your champ pool again and take advantage of some of those overtuned champs before they get hit with the nerf hammer in the coming week. 


Otherwise, there are a bunch of champions who did not make the list that sit at an S or S+ rating, so go spam Zed, Fiora, Jhin, and Janna for some promising LP gains as we grow closer to the end of the season rewards.




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