Riot Games unveils champion trailer for Samira, the Desert Rose

Splash art for Samira, the Desert Rose (Source: Riot Games)


Following information on the PBE server about the newest champion in League of Legends (thanks to Surrender at 20 and Moobeat), Riot Games released the newest trailer for Samira, the Desert Rose. 


▲ Champion Trailer for Samira, The Desert Rose (Source: League of Legends Youtube)


The trailer revealed gameplay of her complex abilities. The most notable aspect of this trailer was the introduction of her ‘Style’ point system, where the E rating being the lowest to S rating the highest. for successfully comboing her abilities.


As a champion with a kit that some may consider to be overloaded, it seems that they really decided to live up to their reputation of having ‘200 years of experience’. While it’s a shame that she won’t see competitive play until possibly next year, it’ll be curious to see how much style she will bring to the everyday experience of the players at home.


▲ PsyOps Samira, her release skin (Source: Riot Games)

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