Full list of Teamfight Tactics: Fates champions, classes and origins revealed

▲ Tahm Kench has made his way into Teamfight Tactics. Image source: Riot Games


On Monday morning, Riot Games revealed what fans of their auto chess title, Teamfight Tactics, will be able to get their hands on when the game's fourth set goes live in the upcoming weeks. Titled Teamfight Tactics: Fates, a roster of 58 new and returning champions will hit the Public Beta Environment (PBE) as early as tomorrow. 


As for how the development team brought the theme of "Fates" to life, the list of champions, origins, and classes below give some insight. Let the theorycrafting begin.


Set 4 Origins


In order to provide make each Teamfight Tactics' set feel unique and thematic, the game's development team divides each champion into their respective origin. Once paired with other champions who sport the same origin, they all receiving additional bonuses or abilities. As for what Teamfight Tactics: Fates will look like once it goes live in the upcoming weeks, check out the graphics below.



Set 4 Classes


It wouldn't be Teamfight Tactics if there wasn't a way to categorize the pool of champions into an even smaller subset, would it? Below are all of the champions sorted into each of their respective classes and what they receive as a result.


▲ Should say: (2) 400 (6) 700 and (6) 900 bonus HP.

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