Legends of Runeterra Masters Europe event announced, countries battle it out

▲ The best of the best in Europe will compete for bragging rights and prizes. Image: Riot Games


On Friday morning, Riot Games announced an upcoming tournament for their collectible-card game, Legends of Runeterra, that will pit the best of the best from around Europe in a team format to determine which country truly reigns supreme. Titled, "The Legends of Runeterra Masters Europe - Chronicles of Targon" the event will take place between the end of September until the end of November until only one team remains.



Starting now until the 12th of October, players from around Europe are encouraged to grind the in-game ranked ladder as the three highest ranked players across 16 countries will be selected to team up with one another to represent their country in tournament play. Once the field of participants has been selected, Group Stage play will begin on November 7 until only the top eight teams from across the four groups will advance to the elimination matches.


What makes the format of the event unique is how deck building and banning come into play. The teams of three will create nine decks each week and only reveal the champions selected in each. Based on that information, opposing teams will declare three champions they want banned and the team's pool of playable decks will be narrowed down from there.



According to Riot Games, a prize pool will be announced at a later date.

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