[LCK Today] AF sweeps KT to face T1 in the 2nd round of the Regional Qualifiers


On the 7th (KST), Afreeca Freecs faced kt Rolster in the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) regional qualifiers for the 2020 World Championship.


Afreeca Freecs were able to take game 1. Although kt Rolster placed all five bans on the ADC, Afreeca Freecs took Kai’Sa and endured kt Rolster’s attacks well. First blood came at around 10 minutes where both junglers headed to the top lane. Both Kim “Kiin” Gi-in’s Wukong and Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho’s Malphite fell at this skirmish. It was kt Rolster who was ahead in global gold the whole time, but the following fights all went in Afreeca Freecs’ way. After winning several teamfights massively, Afreeca Freecs penetrated through the bot lane and ended the game.


kt Rolster's composition was quite unique in the second game as they picked Yasuo into their bot lane while playing Senna support. Afreeca Freecs responded with a lane swap between top and mid lanes; Kiin went to mid lane with Lucian and Song "Fly" Yong-jun went to top with Gragas. It was kt Rolster who took all the objectives in the early game, but Afreeca Freecs won the teamfights. In an attempt to turn the game, kt Rolster succeeded to sneak Baron and earned more time. However, that was all they could do. After securing the next Baron, Afreeca Freecs scored an Ace and destroyed the Nexus.



In game 3, kt Rolster put the starting members back on the Rift. They picked Hekarim into their jungle, but Hekarim had trouble in the early game and Afreeca Freecs was massively ahead. When kt Rolster tried to sneak Baron, Afreeca Freecs found out this time and cut off three champions. At that point, the difference was too big. After another teamfight, Afreeca Freecs ended the game and proceeded to the next round of the Regional Qualifiers to face T1.



2020 LCK Regional Qualifiers Round 1 Results


Afreeca Freecs 3 : 0 kt Rolster


2020 LCK Regional Qualifiers Schedule


Round 2: T1 vs Afreeca Freecs - 8th 5 PM (KST)

Finals: Gen.G vs Winner of Round 2 - 9th 5 PM

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