This combo deck by Swim is breaking Legends of Runeterra

Artwork by Riot Games


Legends of Runeterra's Call of the Mountain expansion is the freshest the game has been in a long time. With new region, new champions, and new cards, players are building all sorts of crazy decks. But one deck, in particular, takes the cake.


Designed by Sean "swim" Huguenard, the Zephyr Sage Combo is brilliant or infuriating, depending on which side of the board you are. The combo engine in the deck is simple, and this is how it works:


  • You need to draw three cards: two Zephyr Sages and one Revitalizing Roar
  • When you are Enlightened, you cast Revitalizing Roar on one of the Zephyr Sages, reducing its cost to 0
  • You play the 6-mana Zephyr Sage to copy the 0-mana Sage
  • Now, you have two 0-mana Sages in hand, which can copy each other for eternity
    • Yes, literally for eternity, as there's no round limit in Legends of Runeterra


This is a deck that, when it assembles its simple combo engine, is very hard to beat. It creates infinite 0-mana threats and unless you can kill it through the wall of defenders, it will take over the game very fast. But what happens when two Zephyr Sage combos meet each other? Two top Legends of Runeterra players had the unfortunate opportunity to find out.


Click here for deck link


The match happened between current #7 in the rankings Alanzqtft and #25 Ragnarosich, who clashed in a Zephyr Sage mirror and, naturally, neither was able to win. The game became a Kafkaesque nightmare where both players would cast a free Zephyr Sage, pass the turn, their opponent would play their own free Zephyr Sage, pass the turn, and on and on, and on. 


As Alazq played and waited for some outcome to happen, he can be seen doing about anything else you can think of: play, watch hilarious YouTube videos, and so on. If you have nothing better to do, here's the clip. The game starts at ~1:24:00.


The game also has the most anticlimactic ending: Alanzq just gets dropped after "only" 105 minutes of play. The upside is that with Riot devs watching the broadcast, chances are the Zephyr Sage combo is not long for this world. 


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