League of Legends' living, breathing character Seraphine interacts with summoners IRL

Seraphine visits the aquarium - Image Source: Instagram



League of Legends has given summoners a hint of what could be a new champion in the works. A lively, colorful aspiring music star with a pink mane named Seraphine inhabits social media channels to share her life experiences, music, and personality. 


An avid user of Twitter and Instagram, the pseudo-popstar-to-be already has almost broken the 200K follower mark in both profiles, where she shares her everyday life, from mundane scenes like cooking in her kitchen to laying down in bed with her adorable white cat named Bao. Seraphine speaks the language of influencers, communicating with the teen and young adult audience in appropriate tone to truly belong to our world.



Recently, Seraphine released her own version of K/DA’s “POP/STARS” song, interpreted in a slow-paced acoustic track. The cover has made fans speculate she would be participating in the idol group’s latest track, and be confirmed as a champion.


Speculation also indicated she would be participating in the upcoming League of Legends World Championship music act, set to take place in Shanghai, China. Seraphine tweets and writes in Mandarin on her social posts, indicating her Chinese heritage, which may symbolize Riot Games' homage to the country that will be hosting Worlds this year.


Fans were eager to see an appearance from the pop star in the new K/DA single, however, she was not present in the current production. As the full EP has not been launched yet, there might still be a chance we will see Seraphine collaborate with the K-Pop idols.



On her Instagram profile, Seraphine follows a collective of artists from the music field, television, and art, with a focus on Asian-American or Asian heritage artists like Akwafine, Constance Wu, Jimmy Wong, and of course, K/DA.


K/DA "The Baddest" lyric video cover.


Seraphine’s visual identity has been clearly outlined. The pseudo-realistic tone of her pictures brings together digital painting and real-life photography, creating the illusion she is part of our world… or that we are part of hers. 


It is unknown what type of champion Seraphine will be and when she would be released, but Riot Games has announced previously that only three champions would be making their way into League of Legends in 2020, so we can expect her to be an early release next year, or a surprise release in the upcoming patch following Worlds 2020.




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