The best Legends of Runeterra decks in Patch 1.8 Call of the Mountain [UPDATED 9/9]

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Call of the Mountain is now in its third week and the meta has finally started to take a more definite shape. Although deck tiers are still semi-defined, the primordial soup of experimental decks has made way to more refined lists. 


This article takes a look at some of the best decks in Legends of Runeterra (so far) in Call of the Mountain, updated as of September 9, 2020.

Swain/Twisted Fate Midrange

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Swain/Twisted Fate was the first deck to hit Master in Call of the Mountain and it's remained the absolute best deck in the expansion so far. It consistently hits Master at the hands of top players and is an absolute meta-defining deck. 


There's not much to say about it — do chip damage to level up Swain, drop it as soon as you do, and use Riptide Rex plus The Leviathan to kill or stun-lock the opponent. 

Scouts Aggro

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Scouts are another old archetype, but what can we expect — it's hard to come up with a new and better Demacia/Bilgewater deck with four new cards.


This is a very standard list, virtually unchanged from the Rising Tides meta. Use Scouts' Rally to trigger multiple Miss Fortune effects and level her up quickly. Then, proceed to zerg rush the enemy. 


Aggro Endure

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They Who Endure is just a fantastic card and has been the cornerstone of the Endure Midrange archetype since the early days of the Legends of Runeterra. It started as a slower midrange deck, moved to a more tempo version in Rising Tides, and has now gone aggressive in Call of the Mountain.


This list by Swim uses Kalista as the only champion and lots of cheap Shadow Isles followers to apply early aggression. They Who Endure, of course, remains as the big finisher, but oftentimes the deck can just outright kill with its Kalista Aristocrats army. 


Lulu/Shen Aggro

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Together with Nocturne and Diana, Lulu has been one of the strongest champions in Call of the Mountain so far.


The list runs all the usual Demacian suspects that you'll see in every Scouts deck, which are then empowered by the supporting of Lulu and Shen. Lulu can grow cheap units like Cithria of Cloudfield and Fleetfeather Tracker to threatening 4|4 size, giving a lot of early game power to the deck. 


Lux/Aurelion Sol Control

Click here for deck link


The Lux/Sol Control is a relatively new deck, but one that's already making waves in the top Master ranks. The deck plays exactly as you'd expect from a Lux control — few followers, lots of expensive spells, and high-end finishers in Aurelion Sol and Radiant Guardian. 


Sunburst into Lux's Spark is a fantastic board clear, while Starshaping and Hush can generate even more Lux fuel, enabling Spark after Spark, after Spark...

GP/Sejuani Tempo

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The GP/Sejuani Tempo, sometimes called "Turbo Sejuani" is an old archetype from Rising Tides, which has gained prominence in the current meta due to its potency against aggro decks, which are dominating the game right now. 


The deck does a lot of chip damage with its Powder Monkeys, which level up Gangplank and Sejuani at the same time, meaning they almost always will come in play leveled up. The deck also has a lot of Nab effects, making it very difficult to play against it, as well as a lot of cheap damage removal, which is great against aggro. Definitely a deck to try if you're struggling against fast decks.


Twisted Fate/Gangplank Midrange

Click here for deck link


Another Rising Tides archetype that got stronger in Call of the Mountain. The TF/GP combination is a fast midrange deck (sometimes it even goes full aggro), which can apply a lot of pressure, but also has ways to deal with aggro. It's cheap army not only helps to level up Gangplank fast, but can serve as blockers to survive against aggro decks until a level 2 GP enters the field — after that, it's pretty much game over.


Targon Ezreal Combo

Click here for deck link


Targon Ezreal is the only combo deck that's been getting good results in Call of the Mountain (Karma/Ezreal is trying to get back to top tier, but we'll see how far it'll go). 


The goal of the deck is like that of every single Ezreal-centric deck: play as much removal as you can to survive and level up Ezreal, while using Vi as your midrange threat/unit killer. After Ezreal is leveled up, you should have a lot of cheap burst spells between Gems, Rummage, Guiding Touch and Pale Cascade to one-turn-kill the opponent before they can even react. 


Trundle/Aurelion Sol Ramp

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Trundle/Sol Ramp is the other good slow deck in the meta and it really is unmatched in the late stages of the game. Wyrding Stones and Catalyst of Aeons can accelerate mana production to get you to Trundle faster, which then stabilizes the mid/late game. The deck then wins with Infinite Mindsplitter and, of course, Aurelion Sol, as it completely takes over the late game. 


The challenge is, of course, to survive. The deck only runs Avalanche as removal and relies mostly on Nexus heals to live till Trundle. A strong aggro opening with no Avalanche in hand can therefore mean quick death for the Sol Ramp. 

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