Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.8 launches Call of the Mountain and nerfs meta's best deck

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Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.8 is coming August 26, 11:00 PT (20:00 CET) and with it a new expansion, Call of the Mountain, a slew of major changes to the game. Let's take a look at what the patch offers.


New region: Targon 

Getting Targon as the new region in Legends of Runeterra is, of course, the highlight of the Call of the Mountain expansion. The whole set features 89 cards, of which seven champions. From what we've seen from Targon, it is going to be a midrange-y region, focusing a lot on army buffs and support mechanics. 


Targon is also the region getting the most new champions, including Taric, Leona, Diana, and Aurelion Sol. Freljord, Shadow Isles, and Ionia are the other three regions getting fresh champions with Trundle, Nocturne, and Lulu, respectively.


Call of the Mountain new champions



Targon will launch with its own Region Road of 20 levels. Freljord, Shadow Isles, and Ionia will get their Region Roads extended from 25 to 29, and all old Region Roads will start dropping Call of the Mountain cards as well.


Card changes: Frostbite Midrange nerfed

The Freljord region is targetted with nerfs to two key cards: Fury of the North and Trifarian Assessor. Both cards are core to what's been the best deck in Legends of Runeterra for the past few weeks, the Frostbite Midrange, and Riot is hoping that the strength of the archetype won't carry over to the Call of the Mountain meta.


Fury of the North is changed to give only +3/+4 down from +4/+4 to an ally, hurting Frostbite's trading power. Trifarian Assessor, on the other hand, has its mana cost increased from 4 to 5, nerfing the main card draw engine of the deck. 


"[...] we’re making a few smaller changes with this patch, in part to test out what those smaller updates may look like. After this one, the next patch won’t be landing for three weeks rather than the usual two [...], so we’re spreading our upcoming balance efforts across both of the next two patches. This will help ensure more flexibility with adjustments after Call of the Mountain’s release and provide cleaner windows to make any follow-up tweaks," Riot writes.


Ranked ladder reset

Patch 1.8 and Call of the Mountain will usher in a new ranked ladder season. At the time of publication of this article, the ranked ladder should already be disabled, and it will reopen August 26, around 10:00 PT. 


Depending on their rank at the end of the season, players will drop as follows:


  • Master accounts will drop 8 divisions.
  • Diamond and Platinum accounts will drop 750LP (7 divisions + 50LP).
  • Gold and Silver accounts will drop 675LP (6 divisions + 75LP).
  • Bronze and Iron accounts will reset to Iron IV.

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