[GUIDE] The best Legends of Runeterra decks to hit Master with before the ranked ladder reset [UPDATE 8/24]

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Legends of Runeterra's Call of the Mountain expansion is coming in just two days' time, on August 26. Meaning, there are a few more hours to try and hit Master rank before the ladder reset.


This article contains the seven best Legends of Runeterra decks to climb the ladder with, updated for the latest metagame shifts. 


The best Legends of Runeterra decks (as of August 24, 2020)

  1. Frostbite Midrange
  2. Tempo Endure
  3. Ezreal/Karma Control
  4. Bannerman Midrange
  5. Swain/Twisted Fate Midrange
  6. Ezreal/Twisted Fate Combo
  7. Deep Sea Monsters


Frostbite Midrange


Deck link

Frostbite Midrange finishes the Rising Tides era as the last-reigning king of the metagame. There have been several decks that have tried to pry away its #1 spot but to no success. In the absence of quick aggro decks, the Ashe Nox build has been unstoppable and it will take the launch of Targon to do something about it. 


Tempo Endure


Deck link

Tempo Endure peaked as the second-most played deck in this weekend's tournaments, coming out as a strong alternative to Frostbite Midrange decks. It does well against Frostbite and has a good unit curve, making it one of the best decks in the last days of the Rising Tides meta. Quick and easy to play deck for ladder climb.


Ezreal/Karma Control


Deck link

Ezreal/Karma snuck itself back into the Tier S list and remains the best combo/control deck of the meta. The archetype has been around forever, even before Rising Tides, and we honestly expect it to see it again in Call of the Mountain.


Warning: this is one of the more complex, slower decks in the meta. If you want to speedrun to Master and you're far behind, pick a faster deck. 


Bannerman Midrange


Deck link

However much Legends of Runeterra's meta changes, there's always one constant — a Bannerman deck will be a top tier list. As it's always been the case with this archetype, there are many different variations of it (even some more modern Harrowing Lucian or Fiora/Shen lists), but in the end, you can't do better than the mono-Demacia Fiora/Garen. 


Play stuff on curve, trade up, and clean house.




Deck link

If you're sick and tired of playing Endure and Frostbite, may we suggest the Swain/Twisted Fate midrange/control. This list is so potent, that it won all three Duels of Runeterra tournaments this weekend, and is a GREAT choice for the last days of ladder climb.


Establish early chip damage with TF and cheap units, level up Swain, and then initiate your full lock-down with Swain + Leviathan + Riptide Rex. 




Deck link

The Ereal/TF midrange/combo has fallen out a bit, but not so much as to stop being a top tier deck. Yes, Ezreal/Karma is currently performing better and is more popular, but there's still a charm to the Ezreal/TF combination. 


Plus, you actually get to play units, and not wait for the one-turn-kill combo to come online.


Deep Sea Monsters


Deck link

Finally, we have another Rising Tides staples — the Deep Sea Monsters — wrapping up the midrange choices for the last days of the current meta.


There's nothing new to say about the archetype. Its lists are already perfected and fleshed out and whichever one you pick will net you good results. Now, go throw out half your deck and run over everyone with your monstrosities.



Legends of Runeterra's Call of the Mountain expansion launches August 26. What will you play in the final days of Rising Tides?

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