G2 Mikyx about Worlds 2020: "The LPL teams look really competitive [...] every group will be hard."

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G2 Esports was the second European team to qualify for the 2020 League of Legends Worlds Championship. After taking down the MAD Lions and showing who is the real king of the jungle, we got to chat with G2's Support player Mihael "Mikyx" Mehle about this split, qualifying for worlds, and of course, anime.



Congratulations on making it to Worlds, Mikyx! Before we dive into that, could you reflect on the 2020 Summer Split?


This split has not been great for me. Although I do think I played fine, it was hard to get through the split. We had to play online all the time, so it was not as hyped. It was not very interesting to sit on my PC to play one game and that’s it, compared to being at the studio. 


In terms of individual performance, I think I was playing alright, even better than the last split.


What about making it to Worlds? Is it a feeling of relief, almost?


Yeah, mostly I am just relieved. We expected to make it to Worlds, that was our goal. We got to chill for most of the split, but now it’s time to ramp it up to the championship. I’m not too happy right now. This weekend’s series was not as clean as I hoped it to be, so I’ll be happy once we become champions of this Split. 


The game that we lost was kind of bad, and I think it should have been a lot closer than it was, especially after the Mid Lane fight where we won the fight against MAD Lions 1v3. In-game four, it was also really close, but somehow we went to the Bot Lane and just ended the game there. I do think in the first game we played well all the way through, there was no way they could come back at us.


I feel like MAD Lions made you guys work for those wins though. They were matching up against you guys for most of the games.


They did have good comeback fights, but there was no way we would lose the games. After we secured the drakes, they just couldn’t win. They lacked damage to go through Ocean Soul, and I would just Exhaust whenever Hecarim went in, so it was a matter of time for them to lose.


You mentioned not being too hyped about the online Summer Split, so I am curious about your expectations about Worlds 2020.


The whole situation is just weird. We are going to be there for two months I think, which is a lot of time. I am not really sure what I am going to do during the quarantine, but I guess I will just play solo queue. The food situation also worries me, because I am really picky about what I eat. The whole hype about Worlds is making a good play on stage and seeing the stage shaking, but knowing there will be no crowd feels weird.


I guess I am looking forward to seeing other players from other regions, and last year I had a really good time interacting with players from other teams.


Which players are you looking forward to meeting?



I want to meet Teddy from T1 again if they qualify, and from NA, if Team Liquid qualifies, I want to talk to CoreJJ. Hopefully, FPX players can make it, I’d love to see them. Last year it was pretty fun, with Crisp for example. That’s kind of it, but I hope  I can meet some new people.


I know you have just qualified for Worlds, but if you were in a situation where you had to face Schalke 04 Esports, would you be afraid of them?


[Mikyx silently nods with his eyes wide open and laughs] 


I think I am afraid of them making it to the finals, just 3-0 every single team that comes in their way. They seem pretty unstoppable right now, so I hope someone else takes them out. They are pretty scary.


This year, we will be seeing four Chinese teams at Worlds. What does this mean to you?


It probably means that every group will be hard. Hopefully, we get the fourth seed. In the past, usually, there would only be the top two teams from the LPL making it out of groups, but this year, the LPL looks really competitive, and every team looks pretty strong. In a way, this is pretty hyped. If anything, this will be really good practice for us, even if it is scary.


And knowing you will be inevitably quarantined when you make it to China, have you planned on which animes you will be watching?


So, my plan is to play solo queue and learn some Japanese, I got some books here to help me. Also, I would like to do some exercise, but for anime, I think I will be catching up on the stuff I am not watching right now. 


During the regular season, I prefer to watch anime that are ongoing, like One Piece, Black Clover, and Tower of God.



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