Fnatic beats Rogue 3-0 in the LEC Summer Playoffs, grabbing a ticket to Worlds 2020

Photo by Michal Konkol for Riot Games


This Sunday’s series was decisive for Worlds contenders, as we saw Fnatic and MAD Lions have a shot at being the third European team to qualify for the championship. However, the odds were not in the Lions’ favor this weekend, as they lost their match against G2 Esports on Saturday, and Rogue was defeated 3-0 by Fnatic.



As one of the most dominant teams in the LEC 2020 Summer Split and the first to qualify for the World Championship,  Rogue was expected to come in strong. Rogue’s performance made it clear that their strategies and early game are still strong, as they made the Fnatics work for their title. Unfortunately, their performance was not enough to outclass Fnatic in this series, who on top of showcasing clear confidence on the rift, has brought in exciting picks like Selfmade’s Evelynn.


In the upcoming week, MAD Lions will be facing Schalke 04 Esports for the last ticket to the 2020 League of Legends Worlds Championship, taking place in Shanghai, China.


Fnatic qualifying for Worlds 2020 right after G2 Esports makes it in prompts a question in our minds: Did one of the most exciting and unpredictable Splits in the history of the LEC scale up to the inevitable Fnatic versus G2 finals?



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